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Refresh Your Home Decor with Simple Summer Decorating Ideas

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Create a summertime or coastal feel in your house. You can refresh your home decor with simple summer decorating ideas.

It’s hard to believe that the unofficial start of summer is upon us. The outdoor temperatures have declared that it feels like summer for a couple of weeks now. Admittedly, I do not like the heat and humidity. If I’m at the pool or the beach, that’s a different story. I like to bring the season indoors with a few tweaks and changes. Here’s how to refresh your home decor with simple summer decorating ideas.

Refresh Your Home Decor with Simple Summer Decorating Ideas

  • switch out decorative pillows
  • flowers and plants
  • add a touch of color
  • update your bedding
  • add seasonal artwork
  • shells add an instant summery coastal nautical feel
  • colorful glass
  • summery scents in a diffuser or a candle
  • display citrus in bowls or vases – real or faux

Switch out decorative pillows for summer

Add flowers and plants to summer decor

Add a touch of color to your summer decor

Update your bedding for summer

Seasonal artwork is an easy way to update summer decor

Shells add an instant summery coastal nautical feel

Create your own nautical vibe with my rope wrapped candleholders.

Most of us have probably collected seashells from previous beach vacations. Personally, I can never resist temptation to comb the beach for shells as souvenirs. During the summer months I display them in various ways throughout my house. By the way – sometimes seashells need to be cleaned before displaying them. Read my post How to Clean Seashells After your Beach Vacation.

In addition to collecting seashells, I also collect a bit of sand from each trip. The only exception to this, is when Honey Bee and I visited Hawaii. Collecting sand is strictly prohibited! Create a Coastal Inspired Succulent Garden.

Coastal Inspired Succulent Garden - beach sand, shells, rock, succulents

Colorful glass is a perfect way to add a bit of summer to your decor

Coastal Inspired Simmer Mantel - using glass bottles in the colors of the ocean

Did you know that you could create your own sea glass finish? It is a fun, quick and easy project. Here is the tutorial for How to Make Sea Glass Bottles.

How to Make Sea Glass Bottles - DIY sea glass with spray paint

Summery scents in a diffuser or candle

Make a summer inspired candle using your personal fragrance preference. I love the smell of fresh orange.

Easy DIY Essential Orange Oil Candles. How beautiful is this painting by The painted jackalope

What is an essential oil diffuser? Simply put, a diffuser disperses steam with essential oils, used to fill the air in a room with tiny, breathable particles – giving the room a calmer, more pleasant-smelling ambiance. Below I created my favorite blends for a summertime vibe! You can also read about the health benefits of using a diffuser HERE.

Display citrus in bowls or vases – real or faux

Lemons are such a bright and happy color. Add them or any other citrus to your decor to signal that summer has arrived. Last year I shared this summer inspired mantel using bunches of lemon branches.

Fresh lemons are always a good idea. I displayed these beauties when I shared my dining room table makeover.

Hopefully, you are excited to Refresh Your Home Decor with Simple Summer Decorating Ideas! I would love to see what you create.

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