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Easy Summer Home Decor

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Hey y’all…Presently I am surrounded by moving boxes, packing paper, wall paint, furniture paint and chaos. I am dreaming of a calm, serene and beautiful home – and I am working very hard to make this dream come true. Honey Bee and I have only been in our lake cottage for one week, but we have already completed a lot of projects. The walls have been painted with pretty new-to-me hues. I have painted five pieces of furniture and two lamps. Now…the fun begins! We will be rearranging furniture, hanging things on the walls and making this house a home. I can’t wait to share it all with each and everyone of you! Stay tuned!

In the meantime…I have had a lot of thoughts of easy summer home decor and our favorite go-to design elements. Jenn and I especially appreciate items that are free or low-cost.

Bright Colored Glass

This turquoise glass collection instantly screams “Summer” to me. When you pair like colors together, it immediately looks like a collected design.

Easy Summer Home Decor

Even water bottles look pretty in the right light.

Easy Summer Home Decor


Are you like me? No matter how many times I have been to the beach in my lifetime, I still collect seashells. Do you do this too? I have amassed quite a collection of shells, but for me the best part is the memories they invoke. I remember the location, who I was with and the fun that I had on that particular beach visit.

I added shells to this faux succulent garden. You can read that post HERE.

Easy Summer Home Decor

My most recent collection is displayed in this wooden bowl.

Easy Summer Home Decor

Lighten Up

I like to decorate with elements of white, especially in my Summer decor. Jenn displays these pretty white orbs made from natural elements…

Easy Summer Home Decor

…I like to use white glass, ceramics and ironstone.

Easy Summer Home Decor

Flowers and Greenery

I am so thrilled to have these hydrangeas at the lake cottage. Jenn has hydrangeas at her home as well. Let me tell you…the bushes are all loaded right now with tons of their pretty blooms. It is so much fun to cut several blooms and display them inside. They are free and the blooms last a long time once indoors.

Easy Summer Home Decor

I also like to bring a new plant into the house at this time of year. Jenn added this cornstalk plant and it has already grown so much!

Easy Summer Home Decor

We like that this season offers us the chance to be less stuffy and more colorful. What are your favorite ways to decorate your home for the Summer season? We can’t wait to hear your ideas. In the meantime…my head will be deep down inside of a boxes, unpacking my treasures and making a house a home.

Until tomorrow…


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Easy Summer Home Decor



  1. Hey Ladies – As always, your decorating ideas are spot-on! We love to entertain outdoors during the Summer months and will be using some of your great suggestions!

  2. Wonderful ideas! Incorporating little things like this throughout your home can definitely liven it up for summer and make all the difference in its overall appearance. It looks great! Thanks so much for sharing this!

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