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How to Quickly Dry Press Flowers in the Microwave

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Many years ago, I tried my hand at flower pressing. The process took a long time and I didn’t have very good results. Here is how to quickly dry press flowers in the microwave!

I just love this time of year. The mornings are a bit cool, the birds are signing and the garden is in full bloom. Full disclosure, I use the term “garden” a bit loosely. I have plants and flowers that border my long walkway to the front porch. LOL This year, I am struck by the deep purple color of my miniature petunia plants and lavender bushes. Never one to give up, I was determined to find a way to dry press these blooms. After much research, I learned how to quickly dry press flowers in the microwave.

Best flowers for quickly dry pressing in the microwave

  • petunias
  • pansies
  • violets
  • daisies
  • violas
  • geraniums
  • cosmos
  • zinnias

Worst flowers for dry pressing

  • Any white flower as these typically yellow and brown
  • Any thick petal flower. They hold too much moisture and never dry.
  • Calla lillies
  • Roses – unless you use single petals
  • Lilies
  • Mums
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Tulips
  • Orchids
  • Most tropical flowers

How do you Quickly Dry Press Flowers in the Microwave

  • Start with dry flowers. Blooms are too soggy after they have been watered or rained upon.
  • Cut flowers and leaves. FYI – white flowers do not work for this process.
  • Fold a piece of printer paper in half, lengthwise.
  • Place the cuttings on top of this piece of paper, making sure the pieces do not touch.
  • Next, place a paper towel on top of the flowers and leaves. I used a half piece of paper towel.
  • Fold the printer paper on top of the paper towel.
  • Place in microwave.
  • Put a heavy baking dish or bowl on top. You can add a couple for extra weight if you’d like. Make sure it is a microwave-safe container.
  • Microwave in 30 second increments. My flowers were ready at the 45 second mark. This may take a little trial and error.
  • Carefully open paper and remove paper towel.
  • Place blooms on a new, dry paper towel. Take care that the blooms remain very flat.
  • Ready to frame or use how you’d like.

I really wanted the tiny orchid blooms to dry. These cuties were full of moisture that I just couldn’t get to dry without scorching the bloom

After drying flowers in the microwave

Whenever I am shopping in HomeGoods, I check the photo frame aisle. I always pick up a couple of these double-paned glass frames in various sizes. I like how they hinge open like a door.

They are perfect for dried flowers. I simply placed my dried blooms on the glass until I was happy with the look.

For demonstration purposes, I placed a piece of paper in the frame so that you could see how this would look in other frames.

I hope that you have been inspired in some small way today! Have you ever dry pressed flowers before?

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