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Dining Room Table Makeover

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Do you remember a couple of weeks ago I shared with you that I purchased new dining room chairs? In that post I also let you know that I had sold my dining room table and chairs. Well, the dining room table makeover that I also told you about is complete! I am so excited because it turned out just like the vision in my head. Admittedly it was a bit more labor intensive than I had first thought, but it was so worth the extra effort. Let me explain.

Banish the avocado

Here is what the table looked like when I purchased it over a year ago. Yes, this is avocado green.

Dining Room Table Makeover. Need to banish the olive green.

Are you familiar with that Dolly Parton song “Coat of Many Colors”? That is how I lovingly referred to this table. I counted over 7 colors of paint on the surface and I’m not sure why there were so many.

PicMonkey Image

This table was a lucky purchase for $25. I loved the lines and the legs and it is solid wood. For my dream finish it was imperative that the table top be taken down to raw wood. No problem. I have done this many times on many tables.

Dining Room Table Makeover. Ready for the makeover.

Time to get busy

All I needed to do was use my trusty palm sander. Typically I can sand tabletops down to bare wood in fairly quick time.

Dining Room Table Makeover. Use a palm sander to remove layers of paint from table.

And this method wasn’t working…

Dining Room Table Makeover. sand down table.

…until I worked my way further into the center of the table. Underneath all of these layers of paint was the thickest layer of primer I have ever scene. My palm sander was getting hot and I wasn’t making any headway. I retreated into the house and asked Honey Bee if he could please help me. He didn’t hesitate to say “yes”. I am forever grateful because I would never have been able to complete this task on my own. It was a super hot day and it took over five hours to complete. Honey Bee says his hand is still vibrating 🙂

Dining Room Table Makeover. thick layer of primer.

Beautiful, right?

Dining Room Table Makeover. Sand table top down to raw wood.

This is the reason why the tabletop needed to be taken down to the bare wood. In order to achieve a weathered wood look for the top of the dining room table all remnants of paint and stain needed to be removed. I used my weathered wood recipe of vinegar and steel wool.


This stuff is a magic! When applied to raw wood it instantly gives wood a weathered, aged finish. It’s like a chemical reaction. There is no odor, no waiting because it dries quickly. This is a great brush too.

Dining Room Table Makeover. Add Amy Howard Better with Age for an aged look.

Being that I applied this outside in the sun, it practically dried instantly. And look at that gray weathered finish – exactly what I wanted for my tabletop.

Dining Room Table Makeover. The weathered wood effect starts immediately.

My makeover vision for this table also included dark gray legs. Amy Howard makes a fabulous One Step Paint and this color “Good Man Is Hard To Find” is the perfect color.

Dining Room Table Makeover. The table base is painted in Good Man is Hard to Find.

I painted the legs, apron and trim in this gorgeous color.

Dining Room Table Makeover. Painted table base.

Being that this table will be used every day it is important that it is protected from water rings and spills. After much research I used Minwax Polycrylic Protective Finish. Here’s where I had a definite what the fudge moment.

Dining Room Table Makeover. Coating with poly.

As soon as I brushed it on it seemed to thicken and turn blue. I worried that I had ruined my table. Quickly I read online reviews and was assured to keep going and not to worry – definitely follow all directions on the can carefully. I added three protective coats to the tabletop.

I also added a light dark wax coat to the painted legs and apron of front.

Are you ready?


Can you believe that this is the same table?




It turned out beautifully!

Dining Room Table Makeover. Buffalo check napkin blue and white. lemons.

We have already entertained numerous guests here – our friends can’t believe that this is the same table!






Even though it was more work than I initially thought, it was well worth it in the end. I have a dining room table that I love and am very proud of!



The dining room is slowly coming together bit-by-bit. Now I’m on the hunt for a new rug and artwork for the wall. Until then I will be enjoying my new table and chairs!

Have a wonderful weekend! Be sure to come back on Monday…Jenn and I are co-hosting a wonderful new monthly series, Back to Basics. This month is all about Summer Tablescapes.


  1. Yes that looks amazing! We need to redo our kitchen table and I think you’ve just shown me the way. Love the lines of the table to begin with but your paint job is wonderful.

  2. Debra Casebere says:

    Vicki, crazy makeover! Unbelievable! It is gorgeous!!!!! No way it’s the same table! Love the products! Can’t wait to try them! Thanks for sharing! Best makeover ever!!!

  3. holy cow this doesn’t even look like the same table! i can’t get over it. i love the weathered top with the more masculine bottom on the table that has very feminine curves. it’s all stunning. way to go lady, it’s gorgeous! hugs, coco

  4. Kendra @ www.joyinourhome.com says:

    It’s beautiful Vicki! Can’t believe the layers of paint that were on there! Happy Monday!

  5. I don’t usually comment, but I just HAD to give a hugh “atta girl!”. What a raging success! This is absolutely gorgeous and I love your selection of chairs and the staging. Oh Gosh!!! Can you tell I love it??!! lol

  6. Barbara Malkus says:

    Where did you get the chairs?

  7. Happy Hiller says:

    What a transformation! I like it!

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