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8 Ways to Use Books in Home Decor

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I am often asked what my favorite decor item is. Books are right at second place, just after thrifted items. In fact, they go hand-in-hand.Here are 8 ways to use books in your home decor.

Books serve a purpose beyond reading them. At least they do in my home. Let me show you 8 ways to use books in your home decor.

I understand that some folks think it is controversial or sacrilegious to paint a book cover or worse, remove a book cover. I cannot stress enough that precious or valuable books have never been used in any of our projects. We only use books that the thrift stores couldn’t even sell. Most of these books cost a mere .10¢ to .25¢. Better still, I got a big stack of paperback books for free. A thrift store was throwing them away as they had been on their shelves for over a year! I am of the belief that by repurposing these books, I have given them a new life and have kept them from the dumpster.

8 Ways to Use Books in Home Decor

  • gather like colors
  • use a stack of books to elevate objects
  • turn books around with pages showing
  • paint book covers
  • cover books in paper or fabric to compliment your decor
  • coffee table books that you love: travel, decor, art, history, etc.
  • remove covers
  • stamp them

Use books of the same color

Using books of the same color adds an instant pop. You can easily match and blend your favorite home decor colors.

Spring Green Mantel Decor

Use a stack of books to elevate items

As you can see by these photos, this is one of my very favorite ways to use books. Small accessories look larger and a bit more important when resting atop a stack of books.

Secretary Shelves
Summer Lake House Tour

Here are suggestions of items you can stack on books:

Turn Books Around with Pages Showing

Some of you might be thinking, “why turn books around to show the pages”. The simple answer is, by doing this you immediately create a neutral, cohesive look.

Maybe you have books that show gold or gilt tips like these. This is a great way to showcase them.

farmhouse style for living room refresh

Paint Book Covers for a Cohesive Look

Painting book covers is one of those controversial topics that I mentioned earlier. I painted several books in a pretty creamy white. They have been displayed in my home decor for many years.

Living Room Decor During Winter. Boxwood evergreen is perfect for winter living room decor.

Cover Books with Paper or Fabric

If you don’t want to alter the cover of a book, consider using paper or fabric to cover the book. You could use a fabric that coordinates with your room decor. Consider using scrapbook paper or leftover wallpaper as well.

All the Buzz - Fall Favorites - gold bees

Letter Stamp Books

Using letter stamps for books is one of my most favorite ways to add personality to a room. Stamp them with favorite quotes, song titles and more. I created this book stack when Everett was born and Jenn uses them in his nursery.

Use coffee table books that you love – travel, home decor, history, etc.

I love collecting coffee table books. Typically they are oversized books and they are filled with fabulous photos. I’m particularly draw to topics of home decor, design and travel. The most budget friendly coffee table books are from the Barnes & Noble sale section and from Home Goods.

coffee table floral arrangement

I hope that you have been inspired in some small way today. Leave a comment and let me know how you use books in your home decor!

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