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8 Ways to Decorate with Stacks of Books

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8 Ways to decorate with stacks of books.

When it comes to decorating our homes, we love quick and easy ideas. We know that you do too! One way to add interest and height to tabletops and shelves is with books. Here are 8 ways to decorate with stacks of books.

Disclaimer – no precious or expensive books were used for these projects. In fact, these books were either free or .10 to .25 cents. Did you know that most thrift stores toss unsold books after a year? We didn’t either. Luckily, one day we were at a thrift store when they announced “last chance for free books”.

These are 8 different ways we use them in our decor.

Chalk Painted Books

Yes, we used chalk paint to transform the covers of these hardcover books.

Shabby French tin can vase is perfect for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day

They look beautiful on a table and make for the perfect spot to add decor on top.

This particular stack of books is used daily in our home decor.

Stamped Books

At Christmastime we showed you how to make stamped book stacks. We used the exact same method to create this cutie for the arrival of our sweet Baby Bee.

Last year, we used a different stamping method for this stack of Spring books.

Expose Book Pages

This is probably our easiest suggestion. Just take any stack of books and turn them around backwards. In other words, The book spine is in the back and the exposed pages are facing front. Like this:

The book colors don’t matter and we feel like this adds an element of texture.

Casual Fall Family Room 2

Books of the Same Color

Maybe you collect vintage books of the same color. In our case, blue is a definite favorite.

Or, take the paper covers off of your hardcover books. You might be surprised by what you find underneath. THIS post shares the other combinations that we discovered.

6 Items to Look For At The Thrift Store

Wrap with Scrapbook Paper

Did you ever have to cover your school textbooks? This is the same idea – except with more sophisticated and pretty paper!

All the Buzz - Fall Favorites - gold bees

Tear Covers off of Paperback Books

Again, this idea is using free books. Or, maybe you have paperback books that you no longer read. This is a perfect way to repurpose them for your home decor. Simply tear off the covers and wrap them with string, yarn or ribbon.

Book Page Magnolia Wreath

Chalkboard Paint Books

Using chalkboard paint on books was a project that we created years ago. This is a super fun way to showcase your creativity by using a favorite quote!

DIY Chalk painted books with painted quote

Coffee Table Books

We believe that most of us has a collection of books that we would consider to be coffee table books. Topics include home decor, crafting, travel and more.

They look great when stacked and grouped together. 

Bookcase Makeover Using textured paintable wallpaper

We hope that you have been inspired by this post in some small way today. Also, do you decorate with books? We’d love to know how you use them in your home!

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