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Chalk Paint Books for Decor

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If you don’t have it, create it. Chalk paint books for decor.

When I refresh my decor in the house I typically start with vignettes. Almost always these vignettes include books as part of my styling tools. They add color, height, interest, texture and dimension. My favorite neutral colored books are still packed away in a storage unit. Insert sad emoji.

I like stacking books of the same size and color, it is just a personal preference. Usually my preferred palettes are navy blue, aqua or creamy neutral tones. On my recent thrifting jaunts to the Habitat Restore, I purchased some Reader’s Digest hardback books – two for $1.00 each and two for just .10 cents each. Now, I know some of you won’t agree with my method of painting the book covers. For me it just seems natural to chalk paint books.

Second Chance

This is definitely a personal decision. The way I view it is these were donated books that were already unwanted and deeply discounted. With me the books get a second chance to be cherished in a different way.


  1. Hard covered books
  2. Painter’s paper or tarp
  3. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White
  4. 1 inch angled Purdy paint brush
  5. Damp clean rag for clean up and spills
  6. Johnson’s clear paste wax
  7. Clean soft lint-free dry rag

  1. Use hard covered books.
  2. Place protective paper or tarp down on flat surface.
  3. Line up books on top of paper for ease in painting all at once.
  4. Paint one coat of chalk paint on the top of book and to the spine, including the edges.
  5. Allow to dry approximately 30 minutes.
  6. Turn the books over and paint the back cover and let dry.
  7. Repeat steps for second coat.
  8. Using a soft and clean lint-free rag add a light coat of clear paste wax.
  9. Buff.

Staging Ideas

Because I just couldn’t wait, here are a couple of quick ways that I showcased the chalk paint books.


Think of colors that you would like to use in your home. Maybe you would prefer blue, gray or green.

The chalky finish suits my vintage style too.

Plus, I honestly feel that I have breathed new life into these books and given them  another purpose. Are you with me? You will be seeing these a lot in my future decor, I promise.

Who can resist a cute bee?


I keep stacks of books handy for decorating, staging and refreshing my house when the mood strikes. It takes just a few minutes to create a vignette and to make a tabletop or corner feel fresh and new.

The interior integrity of the books are intact too if anyone ever wants to read them 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend friends!  We will see you back here on Monday!

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Here’s how we used chalkboard paint on books with a travel quote 


  1. Love these painted book ladies. I’m with you buying books in the same color family or books that have the same patina make decorating so much easier. This is a great option if you can’t find those things or you want to spruce up books you already have on hand – love! Hugs, CoCo
    PS So excited you guys are back to 5 days a week!

  2. This is a seriously fun idea! I think a stack of these would look great wrapped with a burlap striped ribbon. I will be visiting the thrift store today for some books! LOVE this!

  3. Offrs Reviews says:

    I love your paint book and the beautiful room image you shared!

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