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Casual Lake Summer Mantel Decor

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Inspiration can strike any place, anytime when you least expect it. In this instance – it’s all about my casual lake summer mantel decor.

Now that I live out in lake country, I don’t have the conveniences of shopping my favorite stores. When I have an opportunity to visit my favorite store HomeGoods, I make the most of it. The closest HomeGoods is approximately 1 ½ hours drive from my house. It’s not like I go crazy and spend hundreds of dollars or anything like that. I just love the value and variety that their stores offer. Anyway, on a recent trip a couple of months ago I spotted a large, beautiful oil painting of rowboats on a lake for just $39.00. I wasn’t even looking for a new painting, but this one just spoke to me. Hence, my inspiration for casual lake summer mantel decor. Also, a big thank you to our friend Amy of My Life From Home. Thanks to her you will get to see other fabulous summer mantel decor today at the end of this post!

New Painting Above The Mantel

After placing the new painting above the fireplace mantel I knew I had made the right decision with my purchase.

When I was at the the Country Living Fair in Nashville in April, I purchased this lavender topiary.
Do any of you have any care advice for lavender topiaries? It seems to be fairly delicate as I have babied it along since I got it home 6 weeks ago. Typically I’m a great caregiver of indoor plants, but I’m just not sure about this one LOL. So far it seems to be doing okay. Any tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated. To keep the topiary pot from leaking, I placed it on top of a thrift store vintage blue and white china plate.

Gather Your Books

Favorite vintage blue books were wrapped with twine and placed next to the topiary. Their weathered covers give the sun bleached appeal.

Stating the Obvious

This “Water” candle was a gift and the fragrance is wonderful. I thought it fit in perfectly with the casual lake summer mantel decor.

I’ve had these weathered wood candlesticks for years. They look like they have been left out in the sun for ages. Also. their tiered height mirrors the height of the topiary and the books of the opposite end of the mantel.
Again, can you believe that this oil painting was just $39.00? The colors are perfect for my home.
This drop cloth fabric pillow was previously in the sunroom. I placed it on top of the little bench that I move all around the house. You can see the makeover HERE.
The wood bead garland with tassels didn’t start off looking this way. They were another fun thrift store project that I am proud of. It started out as a back massager that I deconstructed. Anyway, it looks great as a garland on the bench with the pillow.
My sincerest wish is that you have been inspired in some small way today to decorate your home. Tell me all about! Now visit our friends below for even more summer mantel inspiration!

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  1. This mantel is gorgeous! I love, love, love all the weathered elements you’ve added and don’t even get me started on that stunning painting. I swear you find THE best stuff. Everything is really pretty, welcoming and relaxing. Hugs, CoCo

  2. It is gorgeous!! Just perfect for your home and styled so beautifully! I love that painting…. what a deal!! Well worth your drive. 😃

  3. Absolutely LOVE your new painting and what a deal you found VIcki! I have no wisdom on lavender topiaries but I think it looks beautiful on your mantel. So much fun hopping with you again 🙂

  4. I am obsessed with the beautiful oil painting and can’t believe the price! The colors are so vibrant and it looks so pretty on your Mantel. Love your lavender topiary too!

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