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7 Favorite Faux Pumpkins to Make for Fall

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7 Favorite Faux Pumpkins to Make for Fall

Believe it or not, the Fall season is fast approaching. I don’t know about you, but I am more than ready for cooler temps and fall colored leaves! Over the years, I have loved crafting and creating fall decor that reflects my own decor and design style. Here are 7 favorite faux pumpkins to make for fall.

You can use these ideas as inspiration for your own home decor style.

From Jack-o-lantern to fantastic

We love design and decor challenges. It was so much fun to take this .10 cent plastic jack-o-lantern to a more sophisticated look from this:

To this!

Painted Indigo Book Page Pumpkins

I always feel like I have to have a disclaimer when it comes to book page projects. When I use books and book pages, they are from books that I either paid about .10 cents for, or they were free because no one else wanted them. I view this as giving new life to something that was one step away from the garbage bin.

Creating this indigo blue book page pumpkin was so much fun. I love the color and the texture.

Painted indigo blue pumpkin. 7 Favorite Faux Pumpkins to Make for Fall

Decoupage Chinoiserie Pumpkins

You can make these pumpkins in a million different ways. All you need is ModPodge and paper napkins. You can match any decor that you can imagine. I chose to decoupage with chinoiserie napkins to match my favorite blue and white.

Decoupage chinoiserie pumpkins. 7 Favorite Faux Pumpkins to Make for Fall
7 Favorite Faux Pumpkins to Make for Fall

Neutral Painted Pumpkins

These neutral painted pumpkins look so much better than how they started out.They were shiny and very plastic-looking with bright colors. After a bit of spray paint and a toothbrush treatment they are beautiful.

Painted neutral pumpkins. 7 Favorite Faux Pumpkins to Make for Fall

This display shows two different types of faux pumpkins. Fabric pumpkins and painted pumpkins with DIY stems.

Fabric Pumpkins are fun and easy to create, You choose the fabric of your choice so that they will look great in your own home.

Fabric Pumpkins

As you can tell, we love to paint pumpkins. This is a great way to transform cheap and/or plastic looking pumpkins into something you will be proud to display!

Painted Pumpkins and DIY Stems

Dollar Tree Pumpkins

Every year, Dollar Tree sells bright orange and green styrofoam pumpkins. We transformed a couple of them into pretty centerpieces.

Don’t you think these look much better? Not bad for just a dollar a piece.

We hope that you have been inspired in some small way today. Have you ever given a faux pumpkin a makeover?

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