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7 Easy Pumpkin Crafts for Fall – Get Ready for Fall

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Today we are sharing 7 Easy Pumpkin Crafts.

Are you searching for easy Fall decor ideas? Look no further, because we are sharing these 7 easy pumpkin crafts. 

As the Fall season is fast approaching, I am slowly pulling my decor down from the attic. Each year I create and add a few new things to my fall decor. Personally, I like crafting and making items for my home on a budget. With just a couple of tweaks thrift store and dollar store items can be transformed into Fall beauties.

For each of the following projects, just click the link or the photo and you can see the full tutorial.

This Painted Indigo Book Page Pumpkin is one of my most favorite crafts. It started with a Dollar Tree styrofoam pumpkin and I transformed it with thrift store book pages and indigo blue watercolor paint. There is nothing that I appreciate more than an inexpensive project!

Fabric Pumpkins are perfect for fall, because you can coordinate fabrics to your personal home decor. Completed pumpkins are so cute and versatile. You can add them to a tabletop vignette, a basket next to the fireplace or wherever you like.

Fabric Pumpkins. Make your own fabric pumpkins for cute Fall decor

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Blue and white is my current style jam. If you have been following us for any length of time now, you know that I love decoupage projects. These crafts, are fun, super simple and very versatile. I have covered a tray, a bucket, oyster shells, Christmas ornaments and more! You can see the entire tutorial here, Chinoiserie Pumpkins DIY – Blue and White Pumpkins with Decoupage Napkins .

These Fall Painted Neutral Pumpkins are one of our most viewed posts of all-time. These mini pumpkins and gourds were another thrift store purchase of just $2.00. Trust me when I say that they did not look like this when I bought them. They were shiny, plastic and bright colors. Their makeover was an easy fix with watered down chalk paint. 

Fall neutral painted mini pumpkins..

Fall neutral painted mini pumpkins..

My total investment for the Painted Plastic Jack-o-Lantern  was just .10¢! This started out as a typical bright orange and black jack-o-lantern that children trick-or-treat with. I scooped it up from the thrift store because I had an idea. Painting the pumpkin and using it as a vase.

Painted Plastic Jack-O-Lantern Makeover

Painted Plastic Jack-O-Lantern Makeover

When faux pumpkins and gourds look obviously fake, I typically paint them. Especially if I purchase them from the thrift store or dollar store. If you have ventured out to a store or shopped online, you know that artificial pumpkins have skyrocketed in price. Being ever mindful of the budget, I refuse to pay these high prices. Bright, shiny, orange pumpkins got a rustic makeover with a bit of paint. I also changed out the stems for a more authentic look.  Painted Pumpkins and DIY Stems  

Painted Pumpkins and DIY Stems

Annually, the Dollar Tree Store has super fake, styrofoam pumpkins. I usually scoop up a few and then decide what to do with the later. That’s happened when I gave these two a makeover.Transform Painted Dollar Tree Pumpkins into Beautiful Centerpieces 

I hope that you have enjoyed this jumpstart into the Fall season. 7 Easy Pumpkin Crafts for Fall is a great place to start!

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  1. Gabe Gilbertson says:

    These are very wonderful ideas. The Chinoiserie pumpkins are my favorite!

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