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Easy Limelight Floral Centerpiece

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Today we are showing you how to create an easy limelight floral centerpiece. You can use hydrangeas or any fresh flowers in this how to.

We’re enjoying the last days of summer before we start to decorate for fall. In all honesty, we’ll likely start doing a little bit of fall decorating this weekend. But with that being said, I am still loving an easy limelight floral centerpiece that I created for my living room coffee table.

I have a beautiful limelight hydrangea at the front of our house with huge blooms. It would be a shame to not bring some of them indoors. This method for creating a full floral arrangement can be done with any stems.

What you will need:

  • Vase
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Fresh Flowers
limelight arrangement
easy centerpiece

One tip, be sure to fill the vase with water before putting the tape on top. We’ve definitely made that mistake before! Using the tape you will create a grid pattern.

easy floral centerpiece
limelight hydrangea

Once you have your fresh flowers, you will need to cut them to the correct height for your vase. You will want to use the grid made out of tape and place a stem into each open square.

making an easy centerpiece

The outcome is a beautiful and full floral arrangement that is so easy to make. This only took minutes to do and is perfect for the coffee table. It would also be great for an entryway table or even a dining room table.

coffee table floral arrangement
limelight hydrangea centerpiece
Stone fireplace

As I said, you can use any fresh flowers to create this easy centerpiece. And be on the lookout for limelights in our fall decor too. They are so versatile! You can see more of the tutorial on our youtube channel with the video below:

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