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Upcycled Pumpkin From a Cutting Board

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Upcycled Pumpkin From a Cutting Board

Sometimes the best ideas are born from the trash. Truly. That’s how I came up with this upcycled pumpkin from a cutting board.

Last week, Honey Bee and I finally emptied our storage unit. That will be a full post at a future time. Once everything was unloaded from the U Haul truck into our garage, I began unpacking boxes. I soon discovered that this cutting board was broken. It lost its loop from the top. I set it aside in the “toss” pile.

When I unpacked a small box of craft paints, my heart sunk. After 4½ years, the paints were a bit ruined as they are very thick. I hate waste just as much as the next person. Suddenly an idea came to me.

Create an upcycled pumpkin from a cutting board!

The main portion of the board was painted with orange craft paint. It is a bit thick, but I like the texture.

Next, the top stem portion was painted with green craft paint.


Even though the craft paint was thick, it dried within 20 minutes.

I embellished the top stem with 2 curly craft vines and raffia.

Not too bad for items that I was going to toss in the trash.

It looks so cute on the painted sideboard with this mini wheelbarrow. 

So, what do you think? Hopefully you’re inspired in some small way today!

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