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Chalk Painted Rocking Chair

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This chalk painted rocking chair will be going into our nursery makeover. We love chalk paint and how it can transform any piece of furniture! 

It’s Friday and it’s also time for another monthly challenge for our Thrifty Style Team! Once a month we get together with some of our blogging friends and makeover or repurpose something from our homes. If you are new here, welcome! We’re so happy to have you.

As we are gearing up for baby bee’s nursery, we’ve been doing a lot of projects to get ready. One being this chalk painted rocking chair. This is actually the rocking chair that my dad got my mom for the Christmas before I was born. It has a lot of sentimental value and I’m so excited to be able to use it in the nursery! 

Chalk painted rocking chair before the paint

The rocking chair is a little dated, being over 30 years old, but it is nothing a little chalk paint can’t fix! I’ll admit, it has been awhile since I have painted a piece of furniture. We have a great resource for tips for chalk painting furniture and I might have referenced it once or twice to jog my memory. Click to see our best tips! I did have to lightly sand some areas where it was worn, but I decided to not prime the rocking chair.

  • A. I didn’t want to be exposed to the harmful chemicals.
  • B. I didn’t think I would need it for this project. 
  • C. If we can eliminate a step we are all for it!

Sanding the chalk painted rocking chair

After I wiped down the chair and did the sanding, I got to work with painting! It was a gorgeous day and it felt so good to be outside. However, being almost 8 months pregnant I didn’t quite realize how different my body had become. With all of the bending and crouching, I was soooo sore by the end. My lower back had never hurt so much, but it was worth it! I just love how the chalk painted rocking chair turned out. 

I used Rustoleum’s chalk paint in white linen, as I wanted to really lighten the piece up. The crib we have is gray and the dresser is white, so it fits well with the rest of the furniture. If you missed last week’s post with our nursery design plan, be sure to check it out! Little man is definitely going to be spoiled. 

Rustoleum white chalk paint for rocking chair

We’re still finishing up some work in the nursery (fingers crossed we get most of it done this weekend), but I can’t wait to get the chair in there and get everything set up. It’s going to be the perfect addition to the space! We’re planning on having a little reading corner with the rocking chair, books, and a pouf. It’s amazing what a little chalk paint can do to a piece of furniture. It turned out awesome!

Vintage chalk painted rocking chair

Isn’t that pillow so cute? It’s for fall while we wait to get the rocking chair into the nursery. I did use about 3 coats of the chalk paint to get the finish I was looking for. One tip with chalk paint, you can either dilute it with a little bit of water, or even just dip your paint brush in water to help thin it out a little bit. Chalk paint is also amazing because it dries so quickly!

Rocking chair painted with white chalk paint

There is a lot of detail on the top of the rocking chair and I didn’t saturate this in paint as I kind of liked the look of the original wood coming through just a little bit. 

Close up of chalk painted rocking chair

Before and After with chalk paint

Be sure to visit the rest of our thrift style team below for more great projects and crafts! 



  1. It’s so wonderful that this new baby will be loved on and rocked using a rocker that your mom used for you! It looks great painted and I can’t wait to see it in your finished nursery.

  2. I love the fresh paint. It looks like a new chair with highlighting so many of the details, now.
    Baby Bee is going to love it!

  3. Your rocking chair turned out so cute Jenn and will be perfect in your nursery! I have a grown up version that needs painting, but I’m dreading painting all the spindles!! (and I’m not pregnant) 🙂

  4. Such a pretty and practical upcycle! I love how this turned out. When my oldest son was 2 my Dad bought me a rocking chair and I still have it. I’ve considered repainting it and was on the fence, but you’ve pushed me a little closer to the “paint it” option.

    1. Thank you! And I was a little hesitant to paint it too, since it was the natural wood, but am really glad I went for it!

  5. Those rocking chairs were made to last! We have one on our porch that my husband bought over 45 years ago when his son was born. How wonderful that you’re going to be rocking your baby in the same chair you were rocked in!

  6. Aww, such a great project! The chair looks nice and sturdy and will be great for bedtime reading with your little one. Such and exciting time for you!!

  7. You go girl! 8 months pregnant and still doing projects! I know that rocking chair will be a special one for many more years. Good luck getting the rest of the nursery done this weekend!

  8. I love how your rocking chair turned out! I have one that is similar that I’ve considered painting, and after seeing yours I’m going for it!

  9. Such a lovely makeover and wonderful keepsake for years to come. That Linen White is one of my favorite colors…I use it in lots of places!

  10. I can not get. over. the difference!!! It’s beautiful you 2!!!

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