Trash to Treasure

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From time to time we like to share with you items that we’ve found on someone else’s trash pile that we have made into our treasure.  I’m not going to lie…my neighborhood is great for these kind of finds.  I’ve gotten things from old windows to balusters to doors.  And this one is no different.  I was on my way to the grocery store when I spotted this dresser…

Trash to Treasure, Dresser Before

Now I knew it wasn’t old, but all it needed was a little TLC and it could be great.  I also knew that if I didn’t act fast, someone would snatch it before I had the chance to get someone to help me.  So I got up my strength and loaded it myself…I was determined 🙂

I didn’t want to spend too much money fixing it up.  It had a few marks that needed paint.

Trash to Treasure, Dresser Before

Trash To Treasure, Dresser Before

I wanted to keep it black, but I also wanted it to look more chalky, so I used black chalk paint (which I already had) to put another coat of paint on.

Painting Dresser with Black Chalk Paint, Trash to Treasure

It also needed knobs, which we all know can get expensive.  I just went to my local Ace Hardware and got wooden knobs, which cost me less than $10.

Wooden knobs for dresser, trash to treasure

I painted these with the chalk paint as well.  I just put q-tips on the bottom so I could easily paint them.  I didn’t have any paper plates available for the drying process, so I just used plastic cups I had.

Wooden knobs for dresser with chalk paint, trash to treasure

Wooden knobs for dresser, trash to treasure

This dresser literally cost me less than $10 and I think it’s an awesome addition to my home.  And even though it’s not a vintage piece, I still love it 🙂

Trash to Treasure, Dresser with Black Chalk Paint

Trash to Treasure, Dresser with Black Chalk Paint

I love the picture of Queen Bee (aka my mom) when she was a little girl 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this trash to treasure and it has given you some inspiration to not be afraid to be a “picker” when the opportunity arises.  The payoff is usually pretty great & rewarding!

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