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Trash to Treasure Chair Makeover

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Hey y’all…I am always amazed at the stuff that people throw away. Jenn lives in a great historic neighborhood that announces “curb alerts” – meaning that someone is throwing something to the curb, but it’s good and somebody else might want it. Pretty great, right? Not everyone gives an announcement and they just throws stuff out. Jenn has found lots of antique windows, doors and furniture…which brings me to our trash to treasure chair makeover.

I am in need of another chair for my desk area upstairs. A lot of times Jenn and I do blog business at my desktop computer. Or, god forbid Honey Bee wants to discuss paying our bills at the computer. Way no fun! Anyway, I wanted another chair that we could just pull up when needed to sit side-by-side.

I remembered this beauty that Jenn found several months ago from someones curb…

Trash to Treasure Chair Makeover. …a diamond in the rough.

Trash to Treasure Chair Makeover.

Now, I’m not sure what this chair is painted with. It seems like some type of automobile or industrial paint. Even my palm sander couldn’t get the finish to fade.

Trash to Treasure Chair Makeover. What I do know is that this is a less than stellar paint job. There are lots of drips, clumps and smudges. Being that this chair is for me and not a client the imperfections don’t bother me. I didn’t need to waste time stripping this piece to remove the drips and clumps. Honestly, I was more worried about how to cover this mystery paint finish.

I finally threw caution to the wind and mixed up some chalk paint in creamy white and got to work.

Trash to Treasure Chair Makeover. While I was painting, I started to think about what fabric to use to cover the seat cushion. Then, an idea came to me. Last week for the Haven Conference I made Jennifer and I these matching bags…


Since this chair will be upstairs at 2 Bess Headquarters :), I decided to do the same treatment to the seat cushion. I mirror image printed our logo onto transfer paper. I trimmed off a bit of the excess paper and ironed it onto muslin fabric that I have in my stash.

Trash to Treasure Chair Makeover. I really love how it turned out!

Trash to Treasure Chair Makeover. It was a stormy day yesterday so I photographed the chair downstairs where I could find the best light…

Trash to Treasure Chair Makeover.

Trash to Treasure Chair Makeover.

Trash to Treasure Chair Makeover.

Trash to Treasure Chair Makeover. I can’t wait to get it upstairs and spruce up my desk area.

Trash to Treasure Chair Makeover. I’ll share more of my office area next week.

Trash to Treasure Chair Makeover.

Painted Chair Makeover and printed logo. Trash to treasure chalk painted chair

What’s your latest curbside find?




  1. This chair looks so good! You have mad skills to be able to cover up that blue. I love your logo and the way everything turned out. It’s really pretty!

  2. Vicki,
    You know the saying your trash is someone else’s treasure. You re loved the trashy chair into a treasure. Love this. Sooooo pretty. Have a great Friday and wonderful week end.

  3. How cute!! I love your logo and it looks great on your bag and chair! Go 2 Bees!! Hugs!

  4. Love it, the perfect desk chair! Now if only I could pull up a chair too and soak up some 2 Bees in a Pod skills! :).

  5. How cool to find the chair for free and I love the 2 bees on it. It turned out fabulous!!!! Have a great weekend, Lisa

  6. I can’t believe it’s the same chair!

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