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Latest Thrift Store Finds

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Latest Thrift Store Finds

Happy days are here again! Jenn and her family have successfully moved into their new home. We can’t wait to share more of this story, as well as photos of her home and decor. I am also happy because I finally went thrifting again. My friend Terri and I spent the day in the town of Augusta, GA visiting thrift stores and antique shops. Here are my latest thrift store finds.

Keep a list

Typically when I go thrifting, I keep a running list of what to look for. Being that I haven’t thrifted in awhile, I decided to wing-it and wait for inspiration to strike. It didn’t take long for this method to work.

The first thing that I spotted were these pretty blue and white Dutch tiles. They were only $1 each.

They are actually tiles that are gifted to Holland America cruise ship mariners. I have already collected several of these. A couple of them I was fortunate to receive as a cruise ship passenger.

Next, I spotted this beautiful delft house. It is actually a small liquor bottle that is given to KLM Airlines passengers. You can read more about these blue delft houses HERE. I have a small collection of these houses as well. These Dutch companies really know how to treat their customers. The house was priced at $3.

Imagine my surprise to find this gorgeous, hand hewn miniature wooden bowl. The best part is that it was only $5.00!

A wooden spoon is the perfect companion piece to the bowl. It was discovered at a different store for just $1.


Spotting this little glass bauble was truly a serendipitous moment. Do you know what it is? It is a bird water bowl from a vintage bird cage. I have toted around a birdcage for a few years now. The birdcage has been in and out of my donate pile more times than I care to admit. When I spotted this little cutie for just $2, I knew that it was time to give the birdcage a makeover. This will be a blog post in the near future.

Next up, a toast rack. These were created in the mid 1700’s. At that time they were made of sterling silver and used in homes of wealth. This hammered aluminum toast rack is from the 1940’s. Personally, I like my toast temperature to be hot. It is hard to imagine that there used to be a rack to hold cold, toasted bread.

Undoubtedly, toast never looked better.

I will be creating future blog posts showcasing all of the above items. If you have any ideas, just let me know!

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