Latest Thrifted Finds and What They Could Be Worth

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Shopping on the thrifting treasure trail this week was pretty fabulous. I decided to show you some of my latest thrifted finds and what they could be worth.

Now that I share an antique booth space with my friend Darlene, it’s important that we keep our space full of items and goods to sell. Last week we devoted an entire day to shopping and scouting out good deals. Needless to say we had tons of fun and found loads of treasures too. Admittedly at times it’s hard for me to remember that I am buying for the booth and not my home. With that being said, the items I purchase for the booth are absolutely the kinds of things I would want to buy for my home and personal collections. Here are the latest thrifted finds and what they could be worth.

These are just some of the items that came home with me

Big Sellers

Soup tureens always sell well in our antiques booth. Plus I love to collect ironstone soup tureens. This lion head handled beauty is a vintage classic style.

The bottom of the tureen was stamped and marked with enough details for me to do an internet search when I got home. All of this information is clues to the maker, year and sometimes pattern of pottery and chinaware.

Although I only spent a few dollars for two pieces of the tureen (no ladle) I was completely surprised to find this internet ad for the exact same tureen for $85. There was also another online listing for $110.00. Total thrift store score! And this cutie is staying home with me – not going to the booth.

I’ve always been drawn to pieces that are blue and white. This floral and vine bowl is so pretty. With its $2 price tag there was no way that I could leave it behind! Although there are no visible markings on the bottom of the bowl, similar bowls sell upwards of $15.00.

Inexplicably this creamer called out to me. The pattern is not one I collect or am familiar with. Imagine my surprise when I turned it over and discovered this:

My name was on the bottom. At first I thought that “Victoria” was the pattern of this pretty china. After doing some research I discovered that with this name and crown, in Czechoslovakia to be dated and made in 1918-1939. I feel very good about my $1 investment. Information that I received back from the company Replacements stated that this creamer could be worth $50.00.

There was no way that this cutie wasn’t coming home with me. Cuteness on so many levels, right? The metal cracked egg cup resting on the wish bone, inscribed with “Best Wishes” is so adorable but the sweet little baby chick resting next to the egg sold me right away. At this particular thrift store, items were marked 50% off so I ended up only paying $4.00 for my vintage find.


During my research I found this!

Look for items grouped together

At the same shop I found these beautiful Italian molds. All five of these were priced together for just $10.Honestly, I was so surprised that they weren’t priced separately. I didn’t even wait to get home to check the internet, I checked right in the store.

When this ad popped up I gasped out loud and placed these pretty molds on the counter as quick as I could LOL.

These vintage wooden pant hangers will be perfect for hanging printables or artwork. Ten hangers for $5 – I thought that was a great deal too. Typically in our area these hangers are a hot item right now and they sell for $3- $5 a piece.

Vintage whisk brooms are always so cute and charming. These two appear to be handmade and well done at that. They look great in the booth and will sell quickly!

Darlene was just as fortunate as I was on our shopping excursion. Not all days are this good, so we were very happy. Our focus was furniture on this particular day and we didn’t find one single piece. When you thrift shop remember to keep an open mind, be patient and think outside of the box of ways to reuse and re-purpose items.

We hope that you liked our latest thrifted finds and what they could be worth. Lots of you ask where we buy things that are in our homes or how much they cost. Visiting thrift stores is all about developing a keen eye and honing in on your design style. Then you can decide what you are looking for. Happy hunting!

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  1. Super excited for you guys! I love it all! I know how hard it is to find good pieces of furniture now so I’ll be sending out all my happy thoughts and prayers you find some soon. Hugs, CoCo

  2. We did find some great pieces on our treasure hunt and had so much fun! I’m SURE I walked by all of your treasures without realizing the value, but I’m learning 🙂 Thank goodness I have little space for anything so most of my finds are ready for someone else’s treasure hunt at our booth.

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