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9 Easy DIY Ideas for Spring

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9 Easy DIY Ideas for Spring

Do you have Spring Fever yet? I know that a lot of us are still experiencing freezing temps and even snow. Here in Georgia, things are beginning to thaw a bit. We find that by planning and changing up our decor for the season, it is an instant mood lifter! Here are 9 Easy DIY Ideas for Spring.

Wood Bead Garland

In my home, I love to use items that I make. Who knew that creating a wood bead garland would be so much fun? Stringing beads is truly therapeutic. Be on the lookout for the beads at craft sales. I even made a wood bead garland from a back massager that I found at a thrift store!

Chalk Painted Trays with French Graphics

One of the best ways to stretch my creativity is by using items from the Dollar Tree. These chalk painted trays with French graphics started as humble silver trays from the dollar store. See the entire tutorial HERE

Spring Book Page Art

Whenever we share a project using book pages, I always stress that no precious books were used. The books that we craft with were either:

  • free because the thrift store was going to toss them
  • they were literally falling apart
  • less than $1 from the thrift store

We truly feel that it is better to give these books new life by using them in our homes. A perfect example is this Spring Book Page Art. Use your own quote, artwork and creativity!

How to Age Terracotta Pots with Paint

Vintage plant pots come with a hefty price. We decided to create an aged finish to simple terracotta pots with paint to achieve the look.


DIY Moss Topiaries in 30 Seconds

We love, love, love topiaries of all shapes and sizes. The problem is, these too can be very expensive.  In this post we share how to DIY moss topiaries in just 30 seconds! 

Chalk Painted Bunnies

No doubt, we have all seen clay or ceramic bunnies in our local thrift stores. Usually they are too cutesy for our homes. By using chalk paint on these bunnies, they are instantly transformed!

Here they are in a different vignette.

Easter Bunny Treat Bags – Easy to Make

Now that our sweet Baby Bee, Everett, has arrived – we will be making more crafts for the holidays. Our Easter Bunny treat bags are a perfect family craft. Aren’t they cute?

How to Make Extra Large Moss Balls

Have you priced moss balls lately? We were recently “sticker shocked” at a local store. Moss balls are perfect year-round decor items. They are great bowl fillers, cloche fillers and overall additions in any room. Following is another Dollar Tree project that will definitely help your wallet. Here’s how to make extra large moss balls.

DIY Tea Towel Art

Collecting cute tea towels may have been an addiction that needed taming. LOL Our DIY tea towel art is a creative way to express your personality. Tea towels are so inexpensive, particularly from HomeGoods or Target. Maybe you received a really cute one as a gift. Think of all of the phrases, quotes and graphics – endless possibilities!

We hope that you have found our 9 Easy DIY Ideas for Spring helpful for your home decor. Let us know what you would like to make!

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  1. Maryanne Hyson says:

    So very very glad you are back. Missed you much. Computer nightmares are right up there with identity fraud…so sorry you had to deal with it. Been there and I feel your pain

  2. So sorry to read about all the behind the scenes problems you’ve been having. It’s great to have you back!!

    1. You are so very kind, Joanne.

      This has definitely been a kick-in-the-teeth for us, but we are ready to move on. It feels great to be back!

      All the best,
      Vicki and Jenn ~ 2 Bees

  3. Debra K Casebere says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your computer problems. How stressful! It is wonderful to have you back “on air”! Such cute ideas! Thanks!

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