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7 Ways to Create a Home You Love

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7 Ways to Create a Home You Love

Our homes and living spaces are so personal to each and everyone of us. Today I share 7 Ways to Create a Home You Love.


Appreciate the home you have. I know it could be easy to start comparing your home to someone else’s. The comparison game can send you spiraling down a depressing rabbit hole. The conversation usually starts with…I wish my house was bigger, newer, prettier, etc. Whether your home is rented, borrowed, bought, big, small, new or old, truly appreciate what you have. A positive mindset is a key beginning to creating a home you love.

Scrub a Dub Dub

Keep your home tidy and clean. Let’s be honest for a second. I truly don’t know of anyone that loves cleaning their home, including myself. But, what we all do love is that moment when we take a step back to admire our cleaning accomplishments. Everything is bright, fresh and sparkling clean.  Rosemary Lemon Kitchen Soap Recipe.

Over the last couple of years, I have converted to plant-based cleaning products. Most of them I mix up myself. Pretty bottles and labels help me with my cleaning process LOL. Moving away from chemicals and ingredients with names that I can’t pronounce has been a gradual evolution. Don’t get me wrong – every once in a while I still need to break out the bleach or oven cleaner. Overall, everything else is made from natural plant-based products. Amber Bottle Set. Printed Labels.

Upcycle What you Have

Repair it, paint it, fix it, clean it, change it. How many times have you walked by something in your house that is in need of some TLC, and you totally ignore it? Torn or weathered upholstery, knicked-up furniture, faded curtains, stained carpet, broken drawer handles and more. Grab a notepad and pen. Walk through each room of your home and take detailed notes of changes and improvements you would like to make. Keep in mind that these are goals. You won’t be doing all of this in one day. Create a to-do list and a reasonable timeline.

Trash to Treasure Table Makeover

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Painted Sideboard Buffet for the Dining Room. White painted furniture. Amy Howard One Step Bauhaus Buff. White dining room buffet. Vintage furniture Thrifted furniture. Furniture makeover. Thrifted furniture makeover.

Painted End Table

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Changing out furniture hardware or knobs is a quick and inexpensive update.

Painted Furniture - Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Paris Gray - Dresser MakeoverKeep it Green

Bring Nature Indoors. Flowers, plants and centerpieces add instant life and color into a room. Whether you clip flowers from your yard or you buy them at the grocery store, they look beautiful.


You can read our post on how to create Easy Floral Arrangements from Grocery Store Flowers.Easy Flower Arrangements with Grocery Store Flowers

It’s Personal

Add Personal Touches. Vacation mementos, grouped collections or meaningful photographs add instant warmth to a room. Make sure that they are items that you truly love, because your heart will warm each time you look at them.

When we did a makeover on Jenn’s Guest bathroom, she instantly knew that she wanted this painting in the room. It was painted by her BFF and she knew that it would be perfect for the space.

We each love vintage family photos and memorabilia.

Shop your house

Add New Home Decor & Accessories. This is my very best piece of advice when decorating your home. You don’t need to break the bank by purchasing all brand new everything for each room. By all means, purchase a couple of key pieces. Overall, more than likely what you need is already in your home, garage or attic. 

Paint a dated frame to give artwork a new look. Change out brass for glassware. Add a stack of books as a pedestal for a vase or framed photo. Move that decorative pillow from the bedroom and put it in the living room. I move things around in my home all of the time. It’s fun and a free way to decorate.

Set the Tone

Create A Beautiful Atmosphere. Only display and keep things that bring you joy. When you walk through your rooms they should make you feel a sense of happiness and calm. Edit out the pieces that don’t evoke this feeling for you.

Again, this is a process that will evolve over time. I recommend starting in the room that gives you the most angst. You will be so happy and proud of your accomplishments! Let me know how it goes.

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