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Simple Ways to Bring Spring Inside

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There’s nothing quite like the spring season. Nature comes to life around us in bright blooms and brilliant shades of green. During this time of self isolation, it might be more important than ever to add some life and color to our homes.  Here are a few simple ways to bring spring inside.

For most of us, flowers and greenery are an instant pick-me-up and mood lifter.

Floral Arrangements

Floral arrangements are an easy way to bring the best of spring indoors. Whether delivered to your front door from a florist, or gathered from your personal garden, floral blooms instantly lift your spirits. Fragrant blooms are even better, such as lilies, peonies or roses.

This arrangement came from Farmgirl Flowers. Please, do yourself a favor and checkout her site! Plenty of floral-eye candy to please the senses.

Pro Tip: When using a clear vase…create a layer of moss, rocks and/or beads to anchor your arrangement and enhance your design!

The varietal blooms are fresh and gorgeous.

Look in the yard

No one was more surprised than I when this sweet lavender plant started to bloom. I thought for sure that the harsh and torrential winter rains had drowned it out forever.

A few sprigs were cut and then placed in a vintage milk glass vase.

These cuttings have lasted a few weeks now and they fill the room with a soft scent of lavender.

Look in your neighbor’s yard

In Georgia, we are so blessed at springtime. Dogwoods, forsythia, redbuds, cherry blossoms, azaleas and more grace us with their beautiful blossoms. 

Between my house and my neighbors house sits a wild dogwood tree. Being ever respectful, I asked the neighbors if they minded if I cut a couple of the branches.

Immediately after clipping, I placed the branches in cool water. They have lasted for a couple of weeks now and will probably last a couple of more.

Go for a walk

It is amazing what grows in the wild.  I’m not sure what the name is of this purple bush is (any help is appreciated) but it is everywhere in my neighborhood. These clippings came from my own yard.

Clipped about 3 weeks ago and still going strong. 

There is something about the purple hue mixed with green.

It looks lovely placed on the fireplace mantel.


Whether you opt for faux stems or pre-planted styles for an even easier solution – they will last longer than real flowers and are practically hassle-free, which makes them a win-win.

Pothos ivy is practically hard to kill. It is super hearty and looks so fresh. You can grow it in water too!

Unique planting containers are so much fun to create. This vintage Smith Brothers cough drop tin is perfect for this faux plant.

Succulents have long been a favorite of ours. They liven up your space with just a touch of green. Not only does a single plant add character to a shelf or windowsill, various kinds can be mixed together in an open terrarium or small planter to instantly add a pop of spring to any room. These beautiful succulents were planted in this gorgeous tea tin. 

A vintage tea tin is a perfect planter. Succulent planter ideas

Faux succulents look even better when planted in vintage silver sugar bowls.

Succulents in Vintage Silver Sugar Bowls

Jenn created this gorgeous DIY succulent terrarium for her coffee table.

Have you clipped any blooms or plants for your home? You might be surprised at how good you feel when you do! 

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Bring Spring Indoors

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