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Painted Table With Chalkboard Drawers – Styled 3 Ways

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We found a piece of furniture that already had a makeover. It’s a painted table with chalkboard drawers and rope handles. See how we styled it 3 ways.

Once in awhile the thrift and antique shopping Gods are in our favor. Recently Jenn and I were shopping with our friends when we spotted the cutest piece of furniture. An antique table, possibly the bottom portion of a wash basin, already painted in our favorite creamy white. Adding to the charm of this table, the two drawers are painted with black chalkboard paint. We didn’t waste a minute purchasing this cutie after we spotted the super-inexpensive price tag of $50.00! Here’s how a painted table with chalkboard drawers is styled 3 ways.

So let it be written

Can you believe how cute this table is? This is how it looked the day we brought it home. Styling possibilities are endless when you think about different rooms of the house it can be used in.

Vintage Linens

A guest bedroom, craft room or closet would be an ideal place to store vintage linens.

It wouldn’t necessarily need to be vintage linens either. If your home is short on storage space these chalkboard drawers would be an ideal place for bed linens or towels.

Have I ever shared the story about my beloved antique Underwood typewriter?

Several years ago, Jenn and I attended the fall Country Living Fair in Atlanta. One of my wish-list items that day was an antique typewriter. Imagine my surprise when one of the first booths we visited has this gorgeous typewriter. Even better was the price they were selling it for!

Have you ever picked up or held an antique typewriter? They weigh a ton! The booth wouldn’t hold this purchase for us – so poor Jenn was carrying this very heavy typewriter for just a few minutes.

She had finally had enough of it when she proclaimed “We just got here and now my hands are numb! I’m taking this to the car!” Naturally I think this story is hysterical…Jenn – not so much LOL! She was really doing me a giant favor that day!

Isn’t this salesman’s chair sample fabulous? I purchased it at a flea market this week for just $4.00!

I went to a garden party

You don’t need to write anything on chalkboard drawers if you don’t want to. The drawers still look spectacular.

Dreaming of Spring, I thought of a garden-themed vignette. Adding a quote is fun and whimsical.

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” is credited to Audrey Hepburn. A beautiful sentiment for sure.

My extra large antique dough bowl is filled with moss, pinecones and grapevine spheres. Thank goodness I bought years ago before they were in such high demand!

Last week I shared the Dollar Tree flower garden container. It looks perfect on the tabletop.

Fun and Games

The painted table is a perfect place to store game boards, playing cards and puzzles.

You could even store tally sheets, paper, pens and pencils.

Creating a game-inspired vignette with vintage trophies seemed appropriate. Kind of like a winners circle. Jenn and I are highly competitive when we play games LOL. If we happen to be on the same team (our favorite) watch out!

We also love putting together puzzles when time allows. Usually during holidays or long breaks at the lake. What are your favorite games to play?

We hope that you are inspired to create something with chalkboard paint. Maybe a painted table with chalkboard drawers! Our past projects have included Silver Tray Chalkboard, Farmhouse Style Chalkboard Easel Makeover  and Chalkboard Chore Chart.

If you want to paint a piece of furniture go to our FREE guide for all of the information you need!

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Painted Table With Chalkboard Drawers - Styled 3 Ways. Collage of styling ideas for chalkboard drawers


  1. Oh my word, I love this piece! It’s so awesome how you guys were able to change it up multiple ways too. I know I say this all the time but you guys find THE best stuff at the best prices. I hope those trophies are on their way to Florida – talk about amazing! Hugs, CoCo

    1. Hey CoCo –

      Lately we have been having some good luck with our finds. As you know, it’s a lot of work getting these deals. We would gladly trade you a trophy for a wood pedestal LOL. 🙂

      Vicki and Jenn

  2. Great piece!
    Love the typewriter story! My husband just bought me the same typewriter for Valentine’s Day (he knows the way to my heart). I can;t imagine lugging it around a flea market. You guys are too funny 🙂 Keep up the great work!

    1. Hey Cheryl –

      Thanks so very much! We definitely have a great time together, especially when we are shopping for our vintage and thrifted finds. Your husband sounds like a great man – knows what you would love! Thanks for sharing your story!

      Vicki and Jenn

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