8 Ideas For a Spa Like Bathroom

8 Ideas For a Spa Like Bathroom Have you ever treated yourself to a spa day? Better yet, has someone else gifted you a spa treatment of some kind? Personally these are some of my favorite gifts to receive. Whether it be for a heated stone massage, a healing back massage or some other type of pampering - I am always appreciative of my experience. The first thing that I am usually impressed by upon arrival at a spa is the overall mood. Serene, ... read more

Master Bedroom Reveal – Room by Room Home Tour Summer Series

antique dresser is paired with a new mirror

Welcome to my master bedroom reveal! Maybe reveal isn't quite the right word. It's not like the master bedroom has had a major overhaul or anything, I just haven't shared the full room decor space before. There are still a lot of things that need to be done for the room to be complete, but is any room ever complete? If you're keeping track this is Week 5 of our Room by Room Home Tour Summer Series. Every week this summer we are showcasing ... read more

Painted Sideboard Buffet for the Dining Room

Painted Sideboard Buffet for the Dining Room. White painted furniture. Amy Howard One Step Bauhaus Buff. White dining room buffet. Vintage furniture Thrifted furniture. Furniture makeover. Thrifted furniture makeover.

Now, I know that the title of this posts reads "Painted Sideboard Buffet for the Dining Room" but I honestly struggled with this one. I struggled because this makeover was less than perfect. Briefly I toyed with alternate titles..."If This Sideboard is Still Weeping, Then so am I"..."Buffet's Can't Handle Bleed-Through"...or my personal favorite "Get in the Car, We're Going to the Dump"! Defied all of the rules! Oh.My.Word.  This is the first ... read more

New Dining Room Chairs and Some Updates

Okay so I blew the surprise - I got new dining room chairs! Why do I need new dining room chairs you might ask? As if my life doesn't already have enough upheaval in it, I have added another level of crazy. Let me explain. A few weeks ago my friend and neighbor Darlene approached me with a proposition. Long story short - we opened an antiques booth together at a local shop. We are both in the midst of purging and downsizing and it seemed like ... read more

Summer Front Porch Tour and Garden Hop

Summer Front Porch Tour and Garden Hop There is something about home tours that energizes and excites me. It's a chance to start with a clean slate, a new season, and a fresh look. Even though this is an outdoor tour I have changed things up quite a bit since last years tour. Having lived here at the lake full time for an entire year now, I realized that the old patio set-up just wasn't working for our lifestyle. We needed more space to ... read more