Entry Table Decor

Entry Table Decor. Vintage French Basket. Everett Foyer Table.

Entry Table Decor Hey friends! Did you think we fell off the face of the earth? It kind of felt that way to us too! Since we have had so much going on lately it became too challenging to keep up with everything. We knew it was time to surrender and wave our white flag. The best news? My dad - Jenn's grandpa finally came home from the hospital last week! After 2 ½ very long months we are so thrilled that he has transitioned to his own house. ... read more

Wire Spool DIY Coffee Table

Wire Spool DIY Coffee Table. Outdoor coffee table DIY

Spool, spool and more spools. I wasn't kidding when I stated last week that I had other spool projects dancing around in my head. Last week I shared with y'all how I turned a small wire spool into a plant stand table.  Today is all about how I dismantled this large one to create a wire spool DIY coffee table for the front porch. Thanks again to our sweet friends Scott and Darlene for procuring and delivering these fabulous spools! The ... read more

Easter Table Settings – Casual Place Setting

Easter Place Setting. Cute place setting for Spring.

Easter Table Settings - Casual Place Setting Happy April everyone! Time is definitely marching on at a pace that is a bit too quick for me. Easter is less than two short weeks away - can you believe it? Recently my thoughts have turned to this holiday and how I will be celebrating it. Our family is a bit scattered now - we live in different cities, and dad will remain in the hospital for the next several weeks. I am craving a small, quiet ... read more

Treat Bags for Easter – or Place Cards


Treat Bags for Easter - or Place Cards Warning...cuteness alert ahead. I know, right? Do you know what the best part is? These cute bunny bags are only $1 from the Target Dollar Spot. I'm pretty certain that y'all are sick of me lamenting the fact that I don't have a Target store near my home. The closest one is an hour-and-fifteen-minutes from my house. Insert sad emoji here. I especially miss the dollar spot because around ... read more

Tiered Tray Decor for Spring and Easter

Tiered Tray Decor for Spring and Easter

Tiered Tray Decor for Spring and Easter Do y'all think that time is flying by as quickly as I do? Just typing the word "Easter" in this post title kind of made me suck in my breath. My life is a tad chaotic right now...dad will be in the rehabilitation hospital for another 7 weeks...I find myself craving nature and color. Typically these two things lift my spirits and recharge my energy. Personally, I have learned the hard way that in ... read more