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Vintage Postcard Art – Thrifty Style Team

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Vintage Postcard Art

Decorate your home with meaningful and familial pieces. Today we are sharing how to make vintage postcard art. 

Welcome to this month’s installment of our Thrifty Style Team. A big thank you to our friend Julie of Redhead Can Decorate for hosting this monthly hop!  This is the place where we get together with our talented and creative blogger friends every month. We each makeover, repurpose or transform something from our homes or the thrift store. Let’s get started!

We are Family

It’s no secret that Jenn and I love most things vintage. Houses, furniture, glassware, family photos and more. We love that these items have stood the test of time and they bring us great joy. Over 25 years ago I inherited these vintage postcards when my maternal grandmother passed away. They are all 100+ years old!

Their only value is extreme sentimentality on my part. Vintage postcards hold a plethora of  information. Family member name, address, date, city and more. If you’re fortunate enough, there might be mention of current events of the day or other family members. Most of these postcards were mailed to Mrs. G. G. Fisher of Dublin, GA. This would be Mrs. Georgia Fisher, my great-great-great-grandmother!

For Christmas one year I gifted Jennifer this piece of vintage postcard art.

The postmark is Madison, GA. Who knew that more than a century later I would be living right down the road?

This is how you do it


  • Vintage postcard or envelope
  • Photo paper or high quality printer paper
  • Printer – at home, drug store or office supply store
  • Frame .
  • Mat, optional


  • Enlarge the postcard to your desired size. I chose to print 16×20. A home printer is limiting, so I chose to enlarge and print my art on photo paper at FedEx Office. 
  • You can also choose an office supply store to enlarge your print to even bigger sizes.
  • Add to a frame – with or without matting.

Jenn loved it and added it to a gallery wall that she created in her home.

This project cost less than $9.00. Had I chose to use paper it would have been even less expensive.

I sincerely hope that you were inspired in some small way today. Please be sure to see what the other team members have created!

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  1. Those old postcards are wonderful. I love that they have such a connection to your past. And enlarging and framing them makes beautiful wall art! Thanks for sharing how you did this! Have a great weekend. ~ Angie

  2. Such a fabulous idea! I have lots of old postcards and letters from the 1800’s sitting around that would look perfect enlarged. I had to smile when I saw the one written in pencil, as I have some like that as well. Some envelopes have such beautiful writing on them. I have a swirl of idea’s now running around my brain. I guess all will have to wait for a while yet though. 🙁

  3. My husband is actually a vintage postcard collector. I’m loving your collection…they’re just full of the best stories and history, aren’t they? Have a wonderful Easter, friends. xoxo

  4. Ooh I love this idea! What a great way to honor your family! Happy Easter ladies!

  5. Seriously one of my all-time favorite projects! Love this quick and easy and elegant idea so much. It’s perfect for display treasured family heirlooms and memories. Love, love, love! Hugs, CoCo

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