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Trash to Treasure Table Makeover with Amy Howard

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Hey y’all…I am so excited to show you this little table makeover today! The power of paint is a magical thing and it works wonders on neglected pieces of furniture. When Jenn lived in Durham, North Carolina she found this table on someone’s curbside trash pile. The table top was a little bit wonky but it had a dovetailed drawer and gorgeous detail and legs. It was also a bit beaten up, but you already know we like that style. Jenn had just purchased her first home and was in desperate need of furniture so she grabbed it from the pile and used it in her home.

When she moved to Atlanta this cutie was relegated to my basement…until now. I needed a little something for the upstairs landing and just knew this would be the perfect piece. I think one of my favorite things to do are trash to treasure makeovers. This table was also the perfect candidate to try Amy Howard One Step Paint.

See how the right corner is warped?


I love these legs…


After I cleaned the table from dust, cobwebs and leaves I couldn’t wait to get started. The paint color is French Blue.


I applied two coats of paint. After it completely dried I used 120 grit sandpaper to do some light distressing followed by applying clear paste wax.


Look at her now!


I personally feel like the details are more enhanced now. The table top is still wonky, but it doesn’t bother me. It’s gives the table character and being totally honest…the repair is above my abilities.


Always remember when you are distressing a piece of furniture that it should be done where there is normal wear and tear.


I really love this bright green weathered “V” too.


Thanks Jenn for leaving this lovely, unclaimed table. And no, you can’t have it back 🙂


This trash is definitely my treasure! What have you painted lately?


Trash to Treasure Table Makeover with Amy Howard One Step Paint



  1. You’re totally right, Vicki, painting this piece really brought out the gorgeous details. Those legs, I can’t even…love! Hugs, CoCo

  2. Beautiful. I always wonder about the story of an old piece…..how did it get the “wonky” top?? Love the life you breathed into this!

    1. Hey Melise – We think it must of had water and or temperature damage. The piece was too pretty to not keep 🙂

  3. I love before and afters of painting projects. This one is no exception. The color really enhances the details on the table. It is so pretty.

  4. I think you need to leave it at my house! Love the transformation!

  5. Liz Bonin says:

    I’m in love with this table! And wait just a second, have I missed a post?! What are those gorgeous planked walls behind this beautiful table?! Is this in your house?! Details please!!💙😄

    1. Girl…you haven’t missed anything 🙂 That is a paper backdrop! I wish my walls looked like this!

  6. Oh, do I love that little table! I would have snagged it as well. Just adorable with its new paint job. Bambi

  7. Love the table transformation! What did you think of the Amy Howard paint? I have been considering using it and would love your opinion. Also, love the color…it it one of her premixed colors or a custom color?


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