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This past weekend I was sitting outside on the deck enjoying our beautiful Fall weather.  I am so grateful for cooler weather, slight breezes and clear blue skies.  Anyway, I was cruising magazines online and looking for a new craft project.  I stumbled upon a Better Homes and Gardens article. To be honest, I don’t even know if this is a current article or an old one – I didn’t see a date.  When I saw their “storage board” craft I was intrigued enough to read the article.  I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda girl.  I quickly realized that I could make a similar board with materials right inside my house!  No running off to the hardware or craft stores. I just went with what I had on hand. I knew I could make it work.

I went into our garage and pulled out a garage sale bargain purchase of 10 cents.  It had some construction issues but it looks like washed out barn wood and it a larger size 17″ X 21″.  Great deal – right?

10 cent garage sale frame repurposed into a pocket board - 15 minute transformation!

Two of the corners need to be repaired…

The corners of the frame needed to be repaired with glue. The frame was then repurposed into a pocket board - and it only took fifteen minutes.

…and glued back together.

Hot glue was used to repair the corners.

Staples on the inside of the frame…

Staples needed to be removed from the frame before the transformation into a pocket board could begin.

…needed to be removed.  They came out easily.

Staples were removed...

I used the frame mat as a pattern guide.

Cutting the fabric to use for the pocket board - total project took 15 minutes! Repurposed a garage sale frame.

I left the blue background mat in the frame for stability.  I used the leftover backing from Jennifer’s shelf project as the main insert as the board for the fabric and batting.  I did not use my good scissors to cut the backing board 🙂

Cutting out the foundation backing for the pocket board project. Repurposed and Transformed a 10 cent garage sale frame.

I again used the existing mat as a pattern to cut the batting (sorry…no photo) and the blue fabric.  This way I didnt have to measure anyting – again, I love that.  Now here is where I made a mistake.  I cut the batting and the fabric the same size.  For the batting, this was fine.  For the fabric, not so much.  I forgot to cut extra length to make the pocket.  So, I had to cut another piece of the blue fabric, adding about eight extra inches for my frame..

Cutting the fabric for the repurposed picture frame.  Created a pocket board in just 15 minutes.

I chose to use tacks to hold the fabric and batting in place.  This worked perfectly and held in place very nicely.

Using thumbtacks to hold everything in place.  The pocket board is almost done.

Literally 15 minutes after I started this project it was complete.  I was so happy that for once I was organized and had everything I needed on hand.  The pocket can hold a good bit of weight.  It easily holds my appointment book.

Folded the fabric in the front to create a pocket. This was an easy project and took just 15 minutes!

I also tacked up some inspiration pieces…

Side view of the transformed garage sale frame.  This project took just 15 minutes to totally transform the 10 cent garage sale frame.  The pocket is sturdy enough to hold a calendar planner.

…and this very super adorable photo – from many moons ago 🙂

Cute vintage photo...

I’m very happy with the end result, and so glad I had 15 minutes to spare.

This project took just 15 minutes...Used a 10 cent garage sale frame and materials on hand.  Cute pocket board used for inspiration.



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      Thank you Maria! It really is a quick and easy project to do!

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