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Colorful Craft Room

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Hey y’all…I must admit, most of the time when I come up with a new room design or decor idea I am very reactionary. You know what I mean? Like, I’m suddenly smacked on the forehead with inspiration and I’m dreaming up a new room change. Never mind the fact that I wasn’t even thinking of a room re-do. Inspiration can strike me anywhere at anytime. A piece of fabric, a photo in a magazine, a pretty window display…or this paint color.


Now, I know everyone can’t appreciate this glorious bright hue – but it spoke to me. I don’t know if it was because at the time there was snow on the ground and I needed a bit of Spring to liven up my life or that it was just because I instantly loved the color. Y’all know most of my house is in shades of neutral colors with a smattering a colored accents. So I know this bright green is out of character for me but I knew it would be perfect to create a colorful craft room.


This room was previously a small spare bedroom and I unfortunately don’t have a “before” photo. The room was painted in dark beige and decorated in a Shabby Chic style.


For me, this color brought life to the room and to my creativity. I work at this beautiful antique drafting table. It’s all the more special to me as it was a Christmas gift from Jennifer several years ago.


I hand painted this harlequin pattern on the top that my dear friend Lisa taught me how to do. I feel the bold black and white patterns anchor the room. The graphic curtains were a bargain of a deal – they are tablecloths from HomeGoods at $8.00 each.  I always have budget in mind when I’m decorating.


I just love how well made the table is – industrial and fashionable.

Colorful Craft Room


You knew I would have a bit of bee inspiration too…


I’ve been very fortunate to travel a bit. Each trip I have happened upon a landmark, sign or building with my name on it. I snap a photo and hang it on my cork board for inspiration.


This is an antique silver toast holder that I use for my file folders. And can you imagine using this for toast?




This vintage paper roll holder was a flea market bargain at $5.00…with the paper!


This wall art was also a deal, found on clearance at TJMaxx.

Colorful Craft Room

My craft room is a happy place where I dream up new ideas with sewing, arts and crafts. If you need me…you know where to find me 🙂

Until tomorrow…




  1. Sherry Fram says:

    Love it! Looks awesome!

  2. Vicki, love this space you’ve created that brings you so much joy and happiness. The black and white accents and vintage finds are perfection. Great job in giving this space a fresh feel. Hugs, CoCo

  3. I love you space. It’s a great spot to get creative for sure.
    And, I adore that paper holder–what a find!

  4. OH my goodness, Vicki, I love it! I once painted my dining room that same color and used black and white accents. 🙂 Unfortunately I tired of it in a public space, but I think it’s perfect for a craft room!

  5. I love it and all the vintage finds are awesome!! I’m going to be doing my studio/office soon so I enjoyed checking out your space. 🙂

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