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Patriotic Stamped Book Stack

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Patriotic Stamped Book Stack for 4th of July Decor

If you have been following 2 Bees for a bit, then you know how much we love stamped book stacks. Today we’re sharing how to make a patriotic stamped book stack.

I always feel that I need to really stress the fact that no valuable books were harmed for this project. These paperback books are thrift store castoffs that sold for .10¢ each. Some books were free!



Carefully dip the stamp onto the ink pad. Line up your stamp to the spine of the book and press. The ink dries very quickly.

Don’t worry if you get ink onto the stamp. It cleans up easily with rubbing alcohol and swabs. 

Next, take the ribbon and wrap it around your book stack a few times. 

Tie it off on the top with a simple knot and bow.

Admire your handiwork. Remember, this doesn’t need to be perfect by any means!

Suggested ideas

  • God Bless America
  • America the Beautiful
  • Land of the Free
  • Stars Stripes Forever
  • Red White and Blue
  • God Bless the USA
  • Let Freedom Ring

I’ll be using this patriotic stamped book stack in a 4th of July centerpiece. Look for that post next week!

Also, you know that Jenn and I pride ourselves on our thrifty decor ideas. This cute little display is a vintage salt shaker with American flag toothpicks placed inside!

Stamped book stacks aren’t just for 4th of July. We created super cute stacks for Christmas. We also offer you 8 Ways to Decorate with Stacks of Books.

Hopefully, you’ve been inspired in some small way today. Happy creating!

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