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Painted Dresser Makeover in ASCP Pure White

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Hey y’all…I can’t wait to share this painted dresser makeover with you . But first, here’s a quick update on my move. We arrived at the lake safely, as well as our belongings. It was a tad challenging as it was like 3 separate moves. Most of our stuff went to storage, some items went to Jenn’s home and another large portion came with us to lake. To say that we are exhausted, spent and sore would be a huge understatement!

I don’t function well in chaos, but I am presently surrounded by it! This is currently what the sunroom looks like…

ainted Dresser Makeover in ASCP Pure White

Suffice it to say that this is the best looking room in the house at the moment. I truly can’t take it anymore…I need some order and organization back in my life. I also have great plans to change wall color and move furniture around the house. I can’t wait to get started on all of the ideas that I have stored in my head. Don’t worry…I will share it all with you!

Okay, so back to the painted dresser makeover.

If you remember, Jenn’s 1901 Victorian home did not have a master bedroom closet. There was a connecting area to the room that used to be part of a porch. Jenn determined that this space would make for a perfect closet space. When Jenn sketched out what her needs were, obviously clothes storage was at the top of the list. You can see the full reveal HERE.

Y’all know we love painted furniture makeovers and we had already decided that whatever furniture we used would need to look cohesive. The best way to do this is by painting the pieces in the same color. In this instance we knew we would be painting our pieces in ASCP® Pure White.

We also knew that we needed a very wide dresser as the space that it needed to fill was 77 inches. We realized that the likelihood of finding a piece like this was slim to non…but I was up for the challenge. I set aside a designated day to make what I refer to as “the pilgrimage”. It’s where I make the rounds of all of our best shopping spots. On this particular day I had already been to 5 different stores with absolutely no luck. Then I remembered that a brand new Habitat for Humanity ReStore had just had their grand opening (smack on forehead) – how could I forget that?

Anyway, the store is beautiful and so organized. They had lots of furniture on this particular day, but the bedroom department did not have any large dressers. I continued walking through the store and in the office department I spotted this credenza…

Painted Dresser Makeover in ASCP Pure White

I took the above pic with my iPhone and sent it to Jenn. She loved the piece and I started to take measurements…only to discover that the price was $180.00!!! Well above our budget. You could hear my hopes dash with the clicking sound of my rolled up tape measure. An employee passed at this moment and wanted to know if I were interested in the piece. I politely said that it was out of my price range. He asked me what my budget was. Long and the short of it…he sold it to me for $50.00! He said that most people aren’t looking for furniture this large and he needed to make room.We are forever grateful.

Painted Dresser Makeover in ASCP Pure White

This sucker is heavy. We managed to get it into Jenn’s dining room and prepped for painting.

Painted Dresser Makeover in ASCP Pure White

The surface was a bit dinged up and had some gouges, but y’all know this never scares us away. And look at how pretty the hardware is…

Painted Dresser Makeover in ASCP Pure White

The top was covered in these ink tattoo spots…

Painted Dresser Makeover in ASCP Pure White

We whipped out our new can of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in Pure White and got busy.

Painted Dresser Makeover in ASCP Pure White

We removed all of the drawers and marked their location for easy assembly when we are done…such as, this drawer is the left side third drawer.

Paint Bag Essentials for Successful Furniture Painting

We love how it turned out! It fit the space perfectly!

Master Bedroom Closet Reveal - One Room Challenge

Nine drawers of blissful storage!

Master Bedroom Closet Reveal - One Room Challenge

Master Bedroom Closet Reveal - One Room Challenge

We spray painted the hardware in metallic copper.

Master Bedroom Closet Reveal - One Room Challenge

Master Bedroom Closet Reveal - One Room Challenge

We hope that you aren’t tired of seeing our new closet space. We are so very proud of it and appreciate having a real closet now!


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Painted Dresser Makeover in ASCP Pure White

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  1. Chris Brock says:

    Hi Vicki, I don’t know if you ever got my Facebook message, but I’ve been reading your blog for a couple years, then saw a post on your house sale from a mutual friend… I went to school at HML and my husband Jim and I went to school with John, such a small world. Love all you and your daughters work, so pretty. I’m actually a designer in south Florida so like you I’m absorbed in home design. Anyway my first grandchild is coming in June and we just had a “BEE” shower, thought of you here’s a couple pics.
    Congrats on your move and beautiful work. Tell John Hi!!
    Love,Chris Adams Brock

    1. Hey Chris – thank you so much for reaching out! I did not see a FB message so I’m glad you wrote us here. I can’t express enough how appreciate I am that you read our blog. Jenn and I have so much fun sharing it together!

      You must be so excited for the arrival of your first grandchild! We would love to see the Bee shower pics, but they wouldn’t open. Would you mind sending them to our email address? [email protected]

      The HML days were definitely fun times…and how time has flown! John is out of town but I will let him know that I heard from you when I speak with him later tonight.

      We appreciate you so very much!

      Love, Vicki

  2. Beautifully done! I’ve recently redone my grandmother’s well-worn but not quite antique bedroom furniture with Annie Sloan paint and love the look. (I’ll post soon.). I plan to use it in one of the kids/guest rooms in our new home.

    1. Hi Zenda –

      Thank you! We just love the power of paint! It instantly brightens and updates a piece. We are sure your grandmother’s piece is beautiful!

  3. Wow. What a transformation!

  4. I can’t get over how great this piece works in the space. Always love a good before/after of painted furniture!

  5. Love love love this gorgeous transformation! The copper hardware takes it to a whole other level. Great find!

  6. Patty Brinkman says:

    You never cease to amaze me!

  7. this looks so great in the space! you gotta love H4H Restores – it’s usually the first place we shop, and donate too! I love the idea of turning the old enclosed porch into a closet! it looks like plenty of space! although, do you ever really have enough closets for clothes and shoes?!!!

  8. Kathy Howard says:

    Love how this turned out and how perfectly it fits! We have a lake house and I am always looking for just the right piece that is just the right size! Kudos to you for finding both!

  9. Interestingly, I just brought this exact piece home from Habitat Restore today for $50. A few weeks ago I got the matching tall dresser and two bedside tables as well. I did the last two pieces in Benjamin Moore Advance in a light, cool gray. I cleaned the tarnish off the hardware and sprayed with a brass laquer. What a great solid set of furniture. I’m going to do the piece you have in solid white also, but I want to modernize that one with brushed gold bar type hardware.
    This is so much fun. I love what you did to yours especially the copper hardware. Happy refinishing!

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