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One Room Challenge – Source List & Budget

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Hey y’all! Last week we shared our final reveal of our One Room Challenge Industrial Chic Master Bedroom Closet and we were so thrilled with how it all turned out. Today we’re excited to share with you our source list for some of our great finds we incorporated in the home project, as well as how we did it all on a budget.

Going into the One Room Challenge, we definitely didn’t want to break the bank and knew that we were going to have to get creative and do some bargain shopping (our fave!) We set the budget for $500 and really felt that we could keep it within this range. Now we did go slightly over budget, but it was really for accessories we just couldn’t pass up.

The first thing we focused on was the flooring. We were really hoping for hardwood floors, but of course it couldn’t be that easy. We then started looking at installing our own wood or laminate floors, but we were on a time constraint and just didn’t have the time to install these ourselves. Plus it was going to take up a decent chunk of our budget. That’s when mom spotted vinyl flooring at Home Depot that we knew would work perfectly. The total for this was only $75.


Then we moved onto the back wall and let me tell you we had a million and one ideas for this wall. We initially were going to do a plank wall, but then we thought it would clash with vinyl flooring. We instead decided to paint the accent wall, which worked out really well and helped with the overall budget. The accent wall with the paint, copper closet system, and shelf, came to a total of $150.00.

Master Bedroom Closet One Room Challenge Week 3

We then had to focus our attention in finding furniture for the closet. We knew we wanted a dresser, as well as bookshelves to act as built-in’s. By going to our local thrift store and Habitat for Humanity Re-store, we were able to find the perfect pieces. For both the dresser and the two bookcases, we spent a total of only $90.00!

Master Bedroom Closet Reveal - One Room Challenge

Then it was time to accessorize and we went to our favorite go-to, Homegoods. We found so many awesome things both there and Hobby Lobby.

Master Bedroom Closet Reveal - One Room Challenge

Master Bedroom Closet - One Room Challenge Reveal

Master Bedroom Closet Reveal - One Room Challenge

Master Bedroom Closet Reveal - One Room Challenge

Here is the complete source list for everything:

Flooring – Home Depot

Paint – Behr Poppyseed at Home Depot

Copper Pipes – Home Depot

Dresser – Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Bookshelves – Pop Up Thrift Store

Lighting – Homegoods (we’ll have a post on what we did to create our light fixtures)

Curtain Fabric – Forsyth Fabrics

Antelope Head aka Fernando – Hobby Lobby

Antelope Hooks – Hobby Lobby

Key Orb – Homegoods

Copper Orbs – Homegoods

Copper Mirror Tray – Homegoods

Artwork – Homegoods

Copper Mirror – Homegoods

White Baskets – Homegoods

I think it’s safe to say that Homegoods is our favorite store! We got some amazing deals on the accessories, which really helped to pull the entire space together.

Thank you again for following along on the journey! We were blown away by your support and sweet comments! Stay tuned this week and next week to see the dresser and bookshelf transformations, our creative light fixtures, and more!

XO – Jenn







  1. Such a gorgeous transformation on a budget! Love how you painted the accent wall and found an inexpensive flooring option. The mix of thrift ed finds with new treasures is perfection. Hugs, CoCo

  2. I just love the fabric you used for the curtains. What is the name of it, I couldn’t find it on the fabric site.

  3. Hi Bees,
    I found you two through Coco @thecrownedgoat. I knew since she (so much love and respect for Coco) loves you so much, that I would too! I can totally see why now, after following the 2 bees in a pod blog. So resourceful, classy, and Southern! Perfect representation of Southern ladies imo, able to not only do all things domestic, but anything necessary as it arises, all with a sense of humor! The ORC really shows all of those things in many ways. Also y’all give me hope that my daughter and I can maintain a similar relationship through our lives. Anyway just wanted to comment and let y’all know how much I enjoy reading your post, and commentary! Beautiful! Blessings to both of you and all of yours. Sincerely,Mary

    Ps I love the light fixtures, they would be perfect for rentals also, way better than the typical lights, and something that could be carried along to future homes. Haven’t found the tutorial yet, but wanted to mention how AHHMAZING they are, and they were the perfect touch!!

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