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Office Desk Area Refresh

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Inspiration can strike at any place, any time. I wasn’t even planning to do an office desk area refresh.

When Honey Bee and I were in Miami for the Orange Bowl game I managed to squeeze in one shopping trip to Target. Literally it was just a five minute stop for tailgate items for the game. I raced through the store like I was on the game show “Beat the Clock”. Any second I knew my time would be up and I would be out of shopping luck. When I reached the home decor area I came to a screeching halt because they had the cutest office desk area refresh decor items!

It’s all about the Bees

See these two cuties below? They are what sparked the idea of doing a refresh for my office area.

When I say office area I am being overly generous. This space is tucked in behind the French doors in the sunroom. Conference calls, design decisions and blog magic all happen from this little desk. Our home is on the smaller side so I had to be creative and thoughtful as to where I would work. Needless to say I want my work area organized and inspiring too.

Put that away

My desk is really a sofa console table that I painted over 13 years ago. When we moved into this house full-time this table became the perfect desk. The only flaw is that there really isn’t enough drawer storage space, as these two drawers are very shallow and small. Even a notebook or standard folder is too large for the drawers. Imagine my surprise when I spotted these two file boxes from the Hearth & Hand™ collection on the 50% off clearance shelf. They looked a bit dirty as if they had been dragged on the floor. My trusty Magic Eraser™ removed all of the dirty marks and the file boxes look brand new again. I printed out labels “This” and “That” and they now hold planners, client files, notebooks and more.

Best Daughter Award

Back in December, Jenn traveled to London for a business trip for her day job. Even though her days and nights were action-packed she was still thinking of her mother. She gifted me this beautiful bee ornament.

It is extra special because she purchased it from none other than Harrods Department Store. I decided that this bee shouldn’t be packed away with the Christmas ornaments, but displayed as art on my bulletin board. By the way this bulletin board was a new purchase from HomeGoods just before Christmas for just $9.00. They have wonderful office decor selections.

Another inspiration piece is this feather wreath that I got on my trip to New York.

Sometimes when I’m working I need this reminder 🙂

Paper roses look good anywhere in my humble opinion. These two are leftovers from the book page paper garland project.

Subscribers to our blog get a free exclusive art calendar each month. In fact the February issue will be released Wenesday. All of the copper and brass pushpins were on clearance too.

Vintage black and white photos are a favorite design element, especially of my parents. And who doesn’t love a crown on a weathered wood frame?

Antique inkwells are still collected in earnest, but they are so hard to find at a good price these days. Here’s a vintage pic of yours truly in front of my grandmother’s house.

When I work I like to be surrounded by items of interest. For me these things are vintage, worn and loved. Some items were owned by family members, others were gifted to me. I love the energy, serenity and creativity they bring me.

Quotes are important and inspirational too.

You should see this chair

For lack of a better term, my office chair looked like a hot mess before I gave it a makeover. You can see the before photos and tutorial HERE. This furry throw has come in handy lately with our super cold weather.

Oh, one more thing – the cute dry erase board was only $3.00 in the Dollar Spot section of Target! All-in-all, I’m so glad Honey Bee needed tailgate supplies. Doing an office desk area refresh really has made a difference in how I have been working. I’m more focused, organized and neat. What fun project are you working on?

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  1. I love how you gave yourself this beautiful space filled with all of your favorite things. Not only is it totally fabulous, it’s functional AND inspiring which would make me so excited to work here every day. I love it all! Hugs, CoCo

  2. I think you succeeded in making your workplace inspiring, this is some lovely decor. I think the most important part about a home office is the furniture, it’s gotta be comfortable and stylish.

  3. I like your desk! I decorated my office a very pale lavender and I LOVE it! So calming and restful. Accents are grass green and espresso brown. I am thrilled with the results.

  4. You did a really great job! It is such a beautiful and comfy desk. We need to make our home office inspiring thus we can improve our efficiency! Thanks for sharing.

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