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Living Room Decor During Winter

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This winter has definitely been colder than it has been in the past few years. Nesting and being cozy are my necessary household favorite things to do at this time of year. Here is how I achieved both in my living room decor during winter.

You know it’s no secret that I have a crush on this season. This affection is my inspiration for how I refreshed my living room decor during winter.

Are you crazy?

Someone recently asked me why I liked the cold weather so much. There are the typical, obvious reasons – warm fireplace, soft pajamas, wool socks, cozy throws and delicious hot chocolate. For me there is more to it than that. Wintertime at our house signifies a time of entertaining, fun, friendship and love. Everyone is forced to be indoors, therefore we spend more time together. Usually we are all off in a million-and-one directions when the weather is better. Let’s be honest – in our lake area when it is a non-winter month there are lots of fun things to do. Boating, swimming, golfing, hiking, lounging by the pool.

But, in the wintertime there are less options pulling at our time. The pace of life slows down a bit, we tend to see more people and have more fun.  This winter I have entertained guests in my home more than I ever have and I’m planning to do more!

Living room at my house really means sunroom. Three sides of the space are filled with windows so it is usually light, bright and airy on a sunny day. The sweater knit pom-pom pillows are perfect for a winter room.

How adorable is this cottage drop cloth pillow?


Yes, I agree – super cute! The cottage pillow and this vintage pillow are from With Lavender & Grace – handmade, soft and another layer of cozy comfort. She offers lots of other phrases, sizes and styles too!

Cozy Corner

A soft, warm nubby throw like this cobalt blue and fringed one is great to add to any space. If anyone gets a little chilly they can just throw it over their lap or around their shoulders.

After almost 4½ years the painted wing chair still looks brand new. If you are thinking about painting upholstery do yourself a favor and read our tutorial and update post. Painting the wing chair saved us hundreds of dollars.

This sweet bee pillow is a new addition too. When I was in Florida I purchased it at Target. You could hear me squeal with excitement when I spotted this and a few other cute bees. I will be sharing those with you on Monday with my office area refresh.

My coffee table is a conversation starter by new visitors to my house. This is one of my favorite pieces in the room. The table is really a handmade tool chest from 1920 and is signed on the inside by the maker.

An oversized wooden utilitarian scoop is also vintage and handmade.

Moss balls and wood pieces fill the scoop. These are beautiful and colorful ways to bring nature indoors.

Fresh rosemary sprigs from my topiary bush were added underneath the wood pieces. It adds a woodsy-outdoor fragrance to the room without being overpowering.

When I think of my living room decor during winter I want it to be bright, warm, cozy and inviting. I want my guests to be drawn in, sit back, relax and stay awhile.

On the painted side table I left this winter snow globe terrarium out from the holidays. The large pine tree and cottage house seem perfect for the season, so I decided to keep it out of the holiday box.

Lucky find alert: this boxwood planter was on clearance at HomeGoods for $4.00!! It was part of the Christmas decor department. I tried to find more pieces but wasn’t successful – so glad I found this one. It looks great on top of the chalk painted books.

You don’t need to make very many changes to a space to make it cozy for winter. Have you made any winter decor changes?

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  1. I really love that coffee table! Such a unique design that really looks great in the room with the rest of the furniture.

  2. I swear you ALWAYS find THE BEST PILLOWS! I love the cottage ones but that bee pillow is beyond fabulous and I love that you found it in Florida too! Everything is bright and cozy. It all makes me want to curl up with a good book and enjoy what’s left of winter. Hugs, CoCo

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