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Living Room Decor Spring Refresh

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Living room decor spring refresh.

We have been blessed with the best spring season this year. Typically in our area of the world, we tend to go from winter straight into summer. This year we are experiencing the quintessential spring season. Cooler temps, bright sunshiny days without a cloud in the sky. Personally, I think the weather Gods have shined down upon us. There is something about this weather that super-charges my inner battery and energizes me. This is my living room decor spring refresh.

After I de-bunnied the house, it was easy to start decorating the living room.

Where to begin

Often I am asked where to begin when giving a room a refreshed look.

  • Start with a blank slate. Remove existing pillows, blankets, art, etc.
  • Step back and view the room as if you are looking at it for the first time.
  • What feeling do you want the room to evoke? Pretty?Cozy?Warm?Inviting?
  • Start adding pieces back into the room. You can shop your own house. Use favorite pieces from another room, the garage, the attic, thrift stores and more.

It all started with a Gift

I recently celebrated a birthday. My dear friends, Linda and Chris, gifted me this fabulous pillow!

I pinky-swear promise that this next photo was NOT staged. After placing my new pillow on the sofa, I walked back to the entry of the room to see how the pillow looked. This is what I saw LOL.

The hilarious part of this, is that Gus is not allowed on the sofa.

Topiaries were collected and added to the coffee table. Birthday flowers were added to the side table and the existing cottage pillow was moved from the sofa to the painted wing chair

Move it Around

After taking a few photos, I removed the pretty pink bow.

I have no idea at all what type of greenery surrounds this ball. If you have any idea, please let me know. What I do know is that I love it.

The opposite side table has a ceramic artichoke as well as a DIY nest, of sorts.

This is a swag of mossy fern that I just wrapped up into a loose circle. After poofing it up a bit, it looked like a bird’s nest.

I nestled this sweet bird inside of the nest. He looked right at home.

And guess who came back and photobombed another pic? He looks so innocent.

I hope you saw something that you liked here today. Let me know what you’ve been doing with your spring decor!

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  1. So light and bright, and the windows frame the amazing outdoor views! Such a beautiful cozy room.

  2. What perfect timing to catch the dog on the couch with the pillow. My husband always thought it was a bit cruel that I didn’t allow our pets on our furniture either but the hair always drove me nuts.

  3. Rebecca Payne says:

    i love this pillow. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Love this living room so much, you guys! All the extra special touches you’ve added for spring and summer are fabulous. The pillow is too cute as is Gus. He’s such a snuggle bunny! Hugs, CoCo

  5. Where can I purchase the dog sits here pillow.?

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