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Ikea Skala Tray Makeover with Paint and Fabric – Thrifty Style Team

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Whenever I visit a thrift store, I always look for trays. On a recent trip I lucked out and found a few candidates. I chose an Ikea Skala tray that was given a makeover with paint and fabric.

A tabletop tray is a perfect decor accessory for every home. Trays come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes.Unfortunately some of them are offered at very high price tags.Think outside of the design box when you think of trays – it could be a cutting board, basket, mirror, photo frame or lots of other things. That’s why I love to visit thrift stores. One of the items I’m always on the lookout for is trays. Recently I scored an Ikea Skala birch wood tray that I just knew would be perfect for this months Thrifty Style Team challenge! Here are all of the details for this Ikea Skala tray makeover with paint and fabric.

Great Deals Can Be Found at the Thrift Store

Ikea no longer sells this Skala birch wood tray, but when they did the retail price was $24.99. Friends, I paid the grand total of just $1.oo for my tray at the thrift store. It was in great shape except for the water mark stains on top.

Birch wood is beautiful, but since it was damaged I decided to paint it.

Using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in Old White I painted two light coats. I lightly sanded the finish with 220 grit sandpaper and then sealed it with clear paste wax. THIS one is my favorite.

Wanting a bit more panache and color I searched my stash and found this perfect blue and white fabric scrap. Jenn and I used this years ago for curtains in her first home in North Carolina. Years later, I still love it. We used part of the fabric scrap to cover this vanity bench seat.


  • place the tray bottom on top of the fabric
  • outline the tray with a pencil
  • using scissors, carefully cutout the circle
  • make sure to cut inside the circle for seam allowance

  • place the circle cutout onto the tray to make sure it fits
  • trim if necessary

After a lot of thought, I decided not to glue or attach the fabric. This way I can change out the fabric as my mood sees fit. Also, it makes for easier cleaning and dusting.

Trays are my favorite way to decorate and curate vignettes

  • You can can pick up the entire tray for cleaning off the table
  • It’s easier to decorate a tray than an entire table
  • You can showcase your personality
  • Endless styles

My vignette has a lot of other thrifty style. Other thrifty style tips:  Chalk Painted Books for Decor

Book Page Art Quote

My hydrangeas are in full-bloom and they look beautiful. This little vase is really a yogurt jar.



My sincerest wish is that you were inspired today by the projects I shared. Great decor does not need to cost a lot of money. Hopefully you can create your own Ikea Skala tray makeover with paint and fabric – or something similar very soon. I would love to hear all about it! Remember to visit all of the other fabulous creative design inspiration below from our Thrifty Style Team!

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  1. Gorgeous makeover! I’m a huge fan of blue and white so I’m really loving this… but great idea not to permanently attach the fabric!

  2. What a beautiful makeover. I love the fabric you chose and everything came together so beautifully to create a unique and chic look.

  3. Oh I love this idea! And I agree it was a great idea not to permanently attach the fabric – it will certainly make it a lot easier to clean, and you can always switch it out with other fabric to suit your mood or the change of seasons!

  4. Oh my goodness…at first glance, I had no idea this was fabric! It turned out so fabulous, ladies! Love it.

  5. I have a huge stash of trays so you are speaking my language here! I love how you gave it such a beautiful new look and I’m such a sucker for blue and white especially for summer. Well done!

  6. How fun is this! I would have never guessed it was fabric. Amazing DIY project with so many ways to use it.
    Thanks girls for inspiring me. (as always)

  7. What a fabulous idea you guys! I love the contrast of the fabric with the fresh coat of white paint on this tray. It doesn’t even look like the same tray. Super creative and perfect for your gorgeous home. Big hugs and lots of love, CoCo

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