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9 DIY Curb Appeal Ideas – DIY Housewives

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With summertime here we are spending more time outside on the front porch. Here are 9 DIY curb appeal ideas.

This month the DIY Housewives are sharing 9 DIY curb appeal ideas. Since the weather is warmer and the days are longer, we are spending more time on the front porch. Typically we share morning coffee out there as well as special bevs or a glass of wine in the early evening.

Curb appeal is the first impression that your home gets to make to visitors to your home. As the saying goes – a first impression is a lasting impression. You never get a second chance to get that moment back.

An outdoor rug creates a living space, just like it does inside your home.

This cute planter is a great example of a DIY project. We actually lucked out because this was a curbside find. Add a drawer to a vintage shutter for an instant cottage planter box.

Adding cheerful red flowers make a perfect front door greeting.

This vintage galvanized tub is perfect as a garden planter. It has a hole on the bottom so it allows for water drainage.

The newly planted flowers love the shaded porch and the bright sunshine.

Just cleaning and scrubbing the front porch does wonders too for your curb appeal. Click below to see all 9 DIY Curb Appeal Ideas.

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  1. There are always so many fabulous ideas in this series. I love all the different kinds of planters Jenn used and those ferns are totally next level Southern Charm stunning. Great job on this post! Hugs, CoCo

  2. I love planting in unusual containers, and the big galvanized bucket looks beautiful. I’m currently an indoor gardener only, but I have things growing in old fishbowls, cracked mugs, and a tiny party favor that looks like a miniature galvanized bucket. Bringing plantings into outdoor spaces is so nice. Meanwhile, the article https://www.homelight.com/blog/quick-easy-curb-appeal/ just taught me how to do a succulent garden for when I can some day take the inside out there!

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