How To Sell Your Home Fast

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Selling your home can be stressful but with these tips on how to sell your home fast, it will help simplify the listing process!

As most of you know, our previous home went under contract within 24 hours. I have to say that I have been incredibly lucky in real estate and feel so fortunate. Part of why it went under contract so quickly is because of the current real estate market. It is crazy out there right now! The other reason, though, is that we took steps to make sure it would sell fast. Here are my tried and true steps on how to sell your home fast. 

1. Hire a Great Realtor! 

We had an amazing Realtor in Atlanta who helped us buy and sell all of our homes there. He also became a great friend! When hiring a realtor, you will want to know what their marketing strategy is. Will they hire a photographer to take professional photos? Photography is so important when selling your home quickly. Everyone is looking at Zillow, Trulia, etc. and it’s the potential buyers first impression. Will your realtor host an open house, highlight things to see and do in the area, etc.? Do they also know the neighborhood? These are all questions to ask when looking for the right real estate agent to list your home.  

2. Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal

When a potential buyer pulls up to your home and walks to your front door, are they feeling at home? Are they excited to go into the house and see what else is there to discover? You want the first impression to be a lasting one. Make sure the exterior is looking pristine! We had our home pressure washed and did some touch up painting. Is your landscaping looking good? We had fresh pine straw laid, lawn cut, and new flowers planted. 

Victorian Home

3. De-Clutter & Stage Your House

I cannot tell you how much stuff we got rid of before we put the house on the market. It’s truly amazing the amount of things you accumulate over the years. We made several trips to Goodwill and even had 1-800-junk come for bigger items. All of the purging we did definitely helped when it was time for us to move.

Along with the decluttering, you also want to stage your home. Make sure there isn’t too much furniture in the rooms and things put away. You want a potential buyer to see how much space there is and get them talking about where their furniture can go.

Another important item to take care of is to take as many items as you can off the kitchen countertops. You definitely do not want this area to look to cluttered or messy. 

4. Make Your Home Spotless

This is a hard one, especially if you have young kids, but you want to make your home spotless. We hired cleaners to come in and clean the house from top to bottom. We also made sure all of our closets were cleaned and organized, as well as our drawers. People will 100% be looking into everything. 

5. Take Care of Any Repairs You Know of Now

If there are minor issues you already know about, go ahead and fix them now. We had some of our walls repainted, a shower head replaced, deck repaired, etc. You don’t want a ton of things to show up on an inspection report and scare a buyer away. Also, with items repaired, it will also make the house show even better. 

6. Go Out of Town the Weekend the House Goes on the Market

I recommend listing your house on a Thursday and then have showings begin on Friday. If you can go out of town or stay with family or friends, do it! This way showings can happen without any issues, which can maximize the amount of people that are able to see your home. We went to my parent’s house for a long weekend and were able to have multiple showings. This was also less stressful for us, as we didn’t need to worry about wrangling the baby and dogs and getting everyone out of the house at a moment’s notice. The goal is to get your house under contract that weekend. 

These tips for how to sell your home fast have helped me in every single one of my home sales to get it under contract fast. I truly believe that these suggestions would work for anyone wishing to sell their home. If you are selling your home currently then congratulations, the market is hot right now and with these tips will hopefully sell even faster.

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