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How to Paint a Glass Vase to Look Like Stoneware

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How to Paint a Glass Vase to Look Like Stoneware

My sweet friend Angie, of Postcards from the Ridge, is super talented. In our last Thrifty Style Team post, she created the most beautiful vase. She transformed a simple glass vase into a stoneware beauty! Instantly I knew that I wanted to create a vase for my own home. In the meantime, I was inspired to make faux stoneware pumpkins. It was easier than I thought it would be and they looked great on my fall mantel.

Free to me project

It is no secret that I love to create, re-imagine and upcycle home decor items. When those projects are free-to-me, I love them even more. I already had all of the materials on-hand. The vase that I used was from a floral delivery bouquet from Honey Bee. Here’s what you need to create a stoneware vase of your own.

Materials needed to Paint a Glass Vase to Look Like Stoneware

  • Paint – I used the same paint that I used for the French Country Lamp Makeover. Folk Art Chalk in Blanc Cottage.
  • Baking soda
  • Brush – a cheap sponge brush is great for this project.
  • Coffee grounds – damp. I used the grounds from my morning coffee when they were still warm.
  • Plastic pumpkins – something from the thrift store or dollar store is perfect. Do NOT use expensive or really good pumpkins.
  • Bubblewrap – if you don’t have bubblewrap you can use a sea sponge.

How to Paint a Glass Vase to Look Like Stoneware

  1. Gather all materials
  2. Protect your painting surface
  3. Mix paint and baking soda – 3 to 1 ratio = 3 parts paint to 1 part baking soda
  4. Begin painting the glass vase.
  5. Start by painting the inside of the vase opening, being careful to avoid the rim.
  6. Next, turn the vase over and paint the bottom half of the vase.
  7. When paint mixture is dry, paint the top half of the vase. Let dry completely.
  8. Add a thick second layer of paint mixture.
  9. Before the paint dries, use scrunched up bubblewrap and pounce or stipple the painted vase. This creates the textured finish. You can also use a plastic bag or a sea sponge. I even had success with a damp paper towel.
  10. Dry vase overnight.
  11. Gently pat damp coffee grounds all over the painted vase. This gives it a vintage aged look. Don’t rub too hard as this will turn the vase brown. More or less pat the coffee grounds on the textured finish.
  12. Let coffee grounds dry completely. Wipe or brush off.

This faux stoneware finish is super easy to create. Simply add baking soda to paint and finish with a coffee ground stain!

As a precaution, you many not want to add water to your vase. This moisture could loosen your paint finish or make the paint bubble.

Being that this was a free project, I threw caution to the wind and added water and fresh hydrangeas to the vase. I was careful not to fill the water all the way to the interior paint line. I haven’t had an issue, so far.

This was such a fun and easy project! I hope that you give it a try!

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