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Home Office Makeover – Week 3 $100 Room Challenge

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Home Office Makeover – Week 3 $100 Room Challenge

Oh good grief, friends. The real title of this post should be “Trials and Tribulations”. LOL Welcome to our Home Office Makeover – Week 3 $100 Room Challenge. In all honesty, we don’t really have much to share today.

What we will share with you is a fairly embarrassing and real view behind the scenes.

As a reminder, Erin from Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry started this challenge a couple of years ago. You can read more about that here. Basically a group of very talented bloggers get together to take on renovating a space for $100 or less! We have 1 month to complete the challenge and the hope is to have a swoon worthy room at the end, all while staying within budget.

Challenge Makes you Stronger

Our biggest challenge this week was time. One issue with our home office makeover is something that we never took into consideration. It is difficult to work in the room when Honey Bee is working – which is every day. He’s conducting conference calls, client meetings and more – therefore, he can’t have interruptions. 

Another issue was our weather this past weekend. Dank, dark, dreary with a large dose of rain, storms and wind. Therefore, Jenn didn’t make the 1 ½ hour trek to our house.

So embarrassing!

Now for the embarrassing look behind the scenes. In an attempt to stay under budget and to be mindful of using what we already own, we wanted to use this antique lawyer’s cabinet. Apologies for not having a better photo.

The problem is that it was in our storage unit 90 miles away from home. Admittedly we have owned this unit for 3½ years now. Honey Bee and I have committed to having it clear and empty by April 30, 2020. It’s a waste of money each month and we just have to deal with it.

This storage unit is jam-packed with my “real” kitchen, Christmas decor, lots of furniture and more.

Of course the furniture is packed all the way and hidden in the back.


It took awhile, but we finally managed to un-bury the cabinet, vintage oars and other possible accessories for the room.

Next week we promise to have a better update for you. In the meantime, we’ll be mapping out our plan to get this storage unit emptied!

To-Do List

  1. Clear the room
  2. Paint all of the walls
  3. Go to storage unit to search for furniture
  4. Create an art piece with vintage oars
  5. Home for the computer
  6. Storage solutions
  7. Add new artwork 
  8. Move desk to new location
  9. Furniture placement

Our budget so far:

1st Week     $21.18 for wall paint

2nd Week         0

3rd Week          0

4th Week 

5th Week 


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  1. Oooo that cabinet looks great. Looking forward to seeing it in the space.

  2. You guys should not be embarrassed about this at all! This is REAL life stuff and it’s SO much better than thinking makovers like these can happen in a day or a long weekend. They always take longer than we can plan for or imagine. I’m super excited about how you guys are to repurpose the lawyers cabinet. It’s gorgeous! Chin up buttercup, progress is still progress even when it doesn’t feel perfect. Lots of love, CoCo

  3. I have to admit we have a similar storage unit. I keep thinking I need to clean it out and get rid of it. Oh, well that’s another day! lol Love that cabinet and can’t wait to see it in the room!

  4. OMG, the stress you must feel every time you open that storage unit door. Do yourselves a favor and clear it out, re-considering what is important and necessary to keep and what was maybe once a good idea, but no longer matters. Once completed, I predict you will come away with a feeling of lightness and freedom that you haven’t experienced for quite some time.
    Good luck!!!

  5. You had a full day at the storage unit I am sure. But you got what you wanted to get and that’s the best part. I can’t wait until you share the reveal of the office. Going to be so pretty.

  6. Hey – at least you got the furniture! I’m excited to see how it looks in there. And what you do with the oars! 🙂

  7. Howdy! First, how awesome it is that you work together, enjoying quality time together. What a blessing! Truly. Secondly, that storage unit looks like a diy party in the making! Invite other diyers to help empty it? Perhaps after you have gleaned your own personal treasures – items that you actually possess room to store at home 😉 – then, make some treats, and call the treasure hunters! Party time! 🎉🎈👏😁

  8. Storage unit can be tricky, they are clearly meant to store everything you do not want in you home, but then again… they store everything that’s not in your home. My hats off to you for making it in to get what you needed I would have totally gotten distracted, and spun off course.

  9. I was wondering how to do a makeover with only $100 and still have “new” furniture. That’s a great resource.. even if it is a bit of a nightmare to get to it. LOL.

  10. I feel your paint. Things have not worked in my favor this past week either. So many things cropped up that got in the way. I am sure it will all come together and that piece is worth digging through for!

  11. I can use that title “trials and tribulations” for this week also. I am struggling with my room. Your cabinet is beautiful and I know you will have a beautiful room when done.

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