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Happy 2017! With the stroke of a New Year we always find it the perfect time to reflect on the year past while planning goals and dreams we want to achieve in the year ahead.

2016 proved to be a very good year for 2 Bees in a Pod, and we do not take these blessings lightly. Our readership grew tremendously and we thank each and everyone of you for this! We appreciate your comments, suggestions and e-mails.

With our business growth we gained more sponsorship opportunities. These sponsorships help offset the costs of running our business and providing us with income. We look forward to much more growth in 2017.

Our biggest thrill in 2016 was being published in four honest-to-goodness magazines! Can you believe it?

Atlanta Home Improvement


Country Sampler


We were even discovered internationally!

Saltscapes – Canada


Idees A Faire – France





Each year, we both like to come up with a word that resonates with us to help achieve our goals and keep us on track for the year. Here are each of our words, as well as projects we hope to complete in 2017.

Jenn’s Word of the Year


  • I am notorious for starting something and not completing it in excellence. The biggest items being weight loss, saving money, and staying organized at home.
  • This year I want to focus on health, so eating better and exercising more regularly. There will be a lot of meal planning and meal prep days in my future haha.
  • I am okay at saving money, but can be a heck of a lot better. I hardly ever buy anything full price, but that doesn’t always mean I need to make the purchase.
  • After working a long day, it’s sometimes hard to find the motivation to clean up. But if it doesn’t happen each day, the clutter starts to add up. I am ready to having an organized home every day.

Jenn’s Household Goals and Dreams for 2017

  • Master Bedroom – This is probably the most neglected room in my house and really should be an oasis. Ready to get this room finally completed this year.
  • Laundry Room – This is the second most neglected room in my house lol. My goal is to get this room organized, which is desperately needs.
  • Kitchen – Organize is the word that pertains to the kitchen. Our silverware/utensil drawer is a hot mess. We also need to focus on the kitchen pantry. There is not a door on our pantry, so everyone can see the disorganization.
  • Master Bathroom – Add shelves for more storage.
  • Something on my list, which may not happen because of the budget I’m on working on :), but would be to add plantation shutters to our living room and dining room.


Vicki’s Word of the Year

                                 … Simplify

  • Clear the clutter from my life. I am the queen of scooping up papers and shoving them in drawers. The problem is, I never go back and clean these piles up – then I have drawers full of clutter. Clean and purge on a monthly basis to simplify my home life.
  • Work smarter, not harder. This blogging career takes a lot of time, effort and dedication. While I love every minute of it – I need to simplify my workflow and daily routine in order to have a bit of spare time for myself and the ones I love.
  • Daily routines. I need to have a clear and concise calendar and to-do list to simplify each day with smooth transitions.

Vicki’s Household Goals and Dreams for 2017

  • Makeover a Dining Room Table – replace my current table with a new-to-me one. Paint and makeover the table.
  • Master Bedroom Facelift. Paint the armoire. New bedding. Make pillows.
  • Fireplace Facelift. Find an easy solution to update the slate insert.
  • Guest Bedroom Makeover. Paint the walls, new bedding, new pillows and artwork.
  • Guest Bathroom Makeover. Paint the walls, create a feature wall, make a new shower curtain.
  • Laundry Room Makeover. Paint the walls, add cabinets, create a mudroom area.
  • Clean up and Organize Garage. Sort through boxes, purge and donate.


We are so looking forward to the new year and cannot wait to create and accomplish so much. Do any of y’all have any big projects you’re hoping to tackle this year? Thank you for following along on our journey!

XO, Vicki & Jenn

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  1. Thank you for the motivation to sit down and find my word of the year and goals for my home and self. Setting these intentions feels like such a good way to organize your thoughts, wants and needs.

    Can’t wait to see your projects this year!

    1. Hey Bambi – we personally feel that by choosing a word of the year and creating goals and dreams, we are setting ourselves up for success. We are excited to see what 2017 brings our way.

      We can never adequately express how much you mean to us. Your love, encouragement and support are everything to us!

      Happy New Year!
      Jenn and Vicki

  2. I love making goals and having a theme for a year! So glad to see you girls doing it too!

    My word of the year is RESOLUTE. There are a couple of things in my life that need to happen and i have been dropping the ball. Being healthy is one of them. I need to be purposeful and make my health a priority. After all, if I am not healthy, nothing else matters.All it takes at this point is eating a bit better and exercising more.

    One goal for the year is finishing up my craft/office space. It’s going to take some time, but by summer I would like to have a lovely, workable space for myself!

  3. Such an exciting year ladies! I’m really proud of both of you because I know how hard you work. You deserve all the success and so much more. I can’t wait to follow your journey in 2017. These projects sound like so much fun. Hugs, CoCo

  4. You had a wonderful year! Congrats on all of your magazine features!! I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for both of you 🙂

  5. Debra K Casebere says:

    Very inspirational! Thanks for sharing!

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