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Top Ten Posts of 2020 – Plus our Plans and Goals

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Today we are excited to share our top ten posts of 2020!Plus our plans and goals for the year ahead.

Every year we do a recap of our top ten posts. Typically, we are fairly certain of which posts this will be. This year however, we were surprised by a couple of them. Here are our tip ten posts of 2020 plus our plans and goals for the year ahead! Let’s get started! Just click on any title to take you directly to our post.

Our biggest news for 2020 was the arrival of Everett, our Baby Bee! We know that this year has been so very hard and different for us all – some more than others. Everett gave our family another focus to remain positive and upbeat. His homecoming was Thanksgiving day – definitely so much to be grateful for! 

Every year we do a recap of our top ten posts. Typically, we are fairly certain of which posts this will be. This year however, we were surprised by a couple of them. Let’s get started!

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I dream a dream

Jenn and I always love to sit down each year and dream up our home goals and plans for the new year. Sometimes these goals are lofty. Other times the plans are more manageable. Also, budget plays an integral part on what gets accomplished or tabled until a later date. 

Vicki’s Home Goal Plans

  • Coat closet makeover. Currently, this closet is a catchall for the vacuum, ironing board, irons, candles, wayward decor…oh and coats. 
  • Laundry room makeover. I am in desperate need of a new washer and dryer! The current units came with the house 14 years ago and are very basic and small. I would also love to re-do the floors.
  • Master bathroom makeover.Bathrooms are definite budget-busters. I’m hoping to try some new-to-me products for a thrifty makeover.
  • Storage Closet Makeover. This space is adjacent to the laundry room and it is begging to be used in a better way.
  • Paint a small table for the dining room. The table is antique, curvy and beautiful. 
  • Purge. Being that we finally emptied our storage unit 🙌🏻 I have the fever to keep purging even more!
  • Organize. I think this is on my list every year LOL. This year I will tackle drawers, cabinets, etc.

Jenn’s Home Goal Plans

  • Downstairs bathroom makeover. This will definitely be on a budget, so just looking to re-do the tile around the tub, reglaze the tub, and re-grout the floor tile. I’d love to also replace the floor tile, but it will likely put us over what we’re wanting to spend. 
  • Purge and declutter! I’ve honestly purged soooo much this year, but it still doesn’t seem like enough. Another round of purging is definitely in my future. 
  • Create a better workspace for myself. Now that I am 100% working from home, I need to create a workspace that is functional. 
  • Paint a small table for the living room. I refreshed the living room this year, which you can see here. My desk was in the living room, but we moved it out of there to make room for our Christmas tree. I also don’t want the desk in the living room anymore, so there is a blank spot where a small table could easily go. 
  • Front yard landscaping. I did the backyard this year, which you can see here. Now I am wanting to do a little bit of work to the front. 

We hope that you have enjoyed this look back of our top ten posts of 2020. We can’t wait to share what we will be doing in 2021! Thank you so very much for following along on our home decor, DIY escapades. 


  1. We’re going to be working on a few bathroom re-dos this year too as we have been having some issues with pinholes appearing in our copper piping! We figure while we have to replace some plumbing we might as well make a few upgrades anyway.

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