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Chalk Painted Armoire Makeover – Aubusson Blue

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At the beginning of the year Jenn and I shared our individual home goals for 2017. One of my top design priorities listed was my master bedroom. Typically I would have pushed this project to the bottom of the list, while completing all of the other projects. But then I had an epiphany. I realized that Honey Bee and I deserved a comfortable retreat space. A cozy, yet colorful room where we can curl up with a good book and get a great nights rest. Over the next several weeks I plan to share more and more of our master bedroom transformation. The first piece to be transformed is this chalk painted armoire makeover in Aubusson Blue.

2 Bees in a Pod Chalk Painted Armoire Makeover. Aubusson Blue. Armoire before makeover

This armoire was in our master bedroom at our former home. We had the entire set…nine drawer dresser, giant mirror, nightstands, four poster bed and this armoire. We bought the set over 16 years ago for a fantastic price. When we decided to move, we realized that most of these pieces were not going to fit in our new home. Jenn took the nightstands, the dresser was sold, the bed and the mirror were donated.  The armoire is a versatile piece and we knew that we could make it fit into the lake townhouse.

Over the years my design style and preferences have changed. Plus, living in a lake community our lifestyle is much more relaxed. The cherry armoire stood out like a sore thumb. We initially tried to put the armoire in the guest room. This was an epic fail…it was so big there was absolutely no room between the armoire and the foot of the bed.

I had already given a makeover to the THIS armoire …

Chalk Painted Armoire Makeover - using homemade chalk paint color matched to ASCP Old White, distressed, waxed and glass knobs added

The decision was made to move it from the master bedroom into the guest room. It is much smaller and fit in perfectly.

It became obvious to me that this formal cherry finish had to go. I love the size and design of the armoire, just not the reddish color. You know how much I love the power of paint to transform furniture.

2 Bees in a Pod Chalk Painted Armoire Makeover. Aubusson Blue.Side view of armoire.

TaDa…insert jazz hands! 🙂

2 Bees in a Pod. Aubusson painted armoire.

2 Bees in a pod. Chalk Painted Armoire. Aubusson Blue. Master bedroom armoire.

Aubusson Blue is a chalk paint color by Annie Sloan. Jenn and I have used it before on THIS end table. It is a beautiful and moody shade of medium blue with a touch of turquoise. It’s kind of like a chameleon color and changes with the light of day. Adding clear wax and dark wax changes the hue too.

2 Bees in a pod. Chalk Painted Armoire. Aubusson Blue. Side view.


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2 Bees in a pod. Chalk Painted Armoire. Aubusson Blue. Vintage suitcase and dried grapevine decor

How I did it:

  • Clean the armoire
  • Remove hardware
  • Paint one coat of chalk paint on the entire piece – let dry completely
  • Add second coat of chalk paint and let dry for 24 hours
  • Lightly sand and distress on raised areas as well as areas that would naturally be well used.
  • Clean up dust.
  • Add one coat of clear wax to  the exterior finish.
  • Add one light coat of dark wax – being sure to blend well.
  • Reattach hardware.

2 Bees in a pod. Chalk Painted Armoire. Aubusson Blue. Corner piece, final coat.

I can’t wait to share the master bedroom progress. Slowly but surely everything is coming together.

2 Bees in a pod. Chalk Painted Armoire. Aubusson Blue.Front view.

I will be layering more of this blue hue throughout the room. Calm and relaxing…

2 Bees in a pod. Chalk Painted Armoire. Aubusson Blue.

I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend. See you back and here on Monday!

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  1. Bambi Mullinax says:

    Love it! The distressing really gives it character, and the color really highlights the details. Terrific job!

  2. Wow, what a difference the paint makes! I love this blue, it’s gorgeous! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Cheryl Wypyski says:

    So pretty and soooooo much better than the cherry finish …it seems the details on the piece show up way better

  4. What a beautiful transformation! I love how the paint and distressing brings out all of those gorgeous details. I’m so excited your taking on this project. It’s going to be fabulous! Hugs, CoCo

  5. I am loving this color! The pops of red from the distressed areas really add to the character as well. Nice work, Vicki!

  6. I have been toying with what color to paint a slightly smaller armoire that now houses CDs and games and lives in our finished basement. It’s current rendition is pretty boring but I LOVE how this blue looks and it would be perfect! Thank you!!!

  7. Oh Wow! Gorgeous color, beautiful piece in your home~ I am looking to use similar color in my selection of colors for my new home! Maybe instead of an all white kitchen adding a blue island.
    Happy New Year

  8. Hi, the blue is awesome! I will be doing a three drawer farm bureau – very old and beat up with lovely lines. How much paint will I need? Tough I know, but a ball park idea?


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