Gift of Gratitude – Word of the Year Bracelets

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Gift of Gratitude – Word of the Year Bracelets

Sometimes Jenn and I sit back and we ask ourselves “Do you think anybody is really reading our blog?” The other night we actually stood in Jenn’s kitchen laughing because I said “Are you there God – It’s me Margaret”. Do you remember that Judy Blume book? Anyway, we have recently had some dark days. Sure – you could call it a pity party. Our creativity tanks have been running on empty and we were growing a bit weary. Burnout is real and we are experiencing it right now.

Jenn has a day job that has had a very demanding schedule with no end in sight.

Vicki’s dad fell two month’s ago and shattered his femur. This required surgery, followed by seven weeks of rehab hospitalization. Thankfully he is returning home tomorrow with some at-home care assistance needed.

And just when we think we can’t take one more thing…when we think we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel…

This was delivered to our doorstep…

Gift of Gratitude.Word of the year bracelet. Tank you note.

Hello Bees-

I felt the need to let you know how much you and your blog mean to me. You are a lifeline and an escape that has felt like oxygen and cool fresh air. Lately my life has been chaotic and not my own. My father has Alzheimer’s and I am his caregiver. My only breaks are late at night where I can escape away into the pages of your fabulous blog. I save and bookmark so many of your projects in a “Someday” folder knowing that one day I will have the time to create your wonderful ideas. The two of you are funny, creative, kind and feel like best friends. Please know how important you are to a reader like me. You matter and make a difference – each and everyday.

I loved your post about your word of the year – such a great idea! I found this wonderful company that creates these beautiful bracelets. I wanted to gift you your wonderful words “Simplify” and “Consistent” as a special way to let you know your importance in the world.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my best friends in the middle of the night.

I look forward to creating and sharing my “Someday” projects with you.

Gift of Gratitude Word of the Year Bracelet.

Isn’t this fabulous?

Gift of Gratitude Word of the Year Bracelet. Simplify and Consistent are our words of the year.

Are there tears in your eyes because there sure are big ones in ours!

Gift of Gratitude Word of the Year Bracelet. My Inten Bracelets engraved with word of the year. Ours are Simplify and Consistent.

Is this not the sweetest, most thoughtful and kind gift you have ever seen? We were totally blown away.

Each year – even before we were blogging – we choose a word of the year. It gives us focus for the year as to what we want our goals to be.

Gift of Gratitude Word of the Year Bracelet. Consisten is my word of the year.

We published this letter with permission from the author. We wanted them to know how very special they are as well as this gift – they lifted our mood, spirits and way of thinking! It means so very much that they took they time from their busy and stressful life to reach out to us and we are forever grateful!

We also appreciate the gut-punch, reality check. Yes, we may be experiencing a bit of creativity burnout right now, but it is not the end of the world. We can rediscover our love of home decor, painted furniture and repurposing in due time.

Gift of Gratitude Word of the Year Bracelet. My Intent Braclets engraved with your word of the year.


Gift of Gratitude. Word of the Year. Simplify and consistent.


Gift of Gratitide. Word of the Year Bracelet.

We appreciate you, our dear readers. You make a difference for us each and every day. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

In the meantime, let’s all practice gifts of gratitude and our words of the year. If you want to know more about the bracelets you can read about them here MyIntent.

Gift of Gratitude. Word of the Year Bracelet.

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  1. Such a lovely gift to you. Yes, it does bring tears to the eyes and a smile to one’s heart. So glad for you.

  2. Such a sweet and thoughtful gift ladies. I love random acts of kindness that move our spirits forward. These bracelets are beautiful and so are the two of you. Sending you both sweet hugs and blessings for your days ahead, CoCo

  3. What a sweet, lovely story! My word this year is “thankful”, and I am thankful to read your blog every week! Please keep at it, ladies!

  4. Simply beautiful expression of gratitude! We get so involved in our own lil worlds at times we neglect to appreciate the little things don’t we. But those things matter. And if we can get out of our heads for even a moment we can find gratitude in our hearts for simple things.
    I too deeply appreciate what you ladies share, your blog, the creativity, and especially the example of friendship with each other you show by example. Never underestimate any of that in the lack of response in your comments. I try to respond and show my appreciation with a comment of recognition to all the blogs I read, but I too get all up in my head with business. I’m diggin all the blogs I follow, you all inspire me. Yep! That is my life time word…INSPIRE😌.
    Much love and appreciation goes out from my heart to you girls and all the other “sisters” of creativity and sharing I am so blessed to have connected with❤️

  5. I’m on the verge of tears myself! Wonderful of her to reach out and make your day!
    You both deserve it!!

  6. Beautiful! Thanks again for sharing. There is so very much to be thankful for every day, even in the dark hours. Love you!

  7. What a wonderful and heartfelt post. Thank you for sharing this special moment with us, your readers.

  8. You are always a pick me up. Sorry I don’t say it in words. I’m always showing a friend your talents. Vicki I am glad to hear your Dad is on the mend and has become a celebrity while healing!

  9. Mary Scott says:

    This proves that we never know what an act of kindness can mean to a stranger. Your blog can be designated as kindness in the way it is out there, free, to anyone who chooses to read it. You good bloggers mean a lot to those of us who live alone with few people to talk with or to every day. Happy new year to you!

    1. Hi Mary! You are so very sweet and kind. We truly believe in alway paying it forward in our daily lives, no matter what we are doing. We hope that our blog does bring a bit of joy to people’s lives when they read it. We are so glad that you are following along and would love to hear what your favorite topics are.

      Wishing you a Happy New Year!

      Jenn and Vicki

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