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Faux Galvanized Feather and Place Cards

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Today is a project that marries two favorite things. Faux galvanized feather and place cards set.

By now it is no secret that I love all things for home decor that are feathers and that are galvanized. Have you had a chance to see the new Hearth and Hand collection by Chip and Joanna yet? There is quite a bit of galvanized goodness. Oh, and if you haven’t signed up for the Giveaway yet you still have time. You can do that HERE. So how did I come about creating a faux galvanized feather and place cards set? You know I love to share!

First, let me say how happy I am to be back here today. Honey Bee and I took a quick trip to Florida. Even though it was a whirlwind 5 day trip we had tons of fun and it was a great way to recharge my creative energy. The only thing is, I feel like I missed out on some things. I feel like when I left town last Thursday the air was cool and the leaves were almost at peak Fall color. When I returned home Monday night most of the leaves on my favorite trees are gone. It also seems like everyone on the internet has already decorated for Christmas and I missed the memo. Are you decorating for Christmas yet?

If you have it, I want it too

Before we left town, my bestie Bambi and her husband Kenny came to visit. I absolutely love when they come to town because we have so much fun together. Bambi is usually up for doing any and everything, which for us typically involves shopping, thrifting, antiquing and eating great food. Now, I don’t know about y’all but you know how it is with your BFF, daughter, sister or mom. If they bought something that you just love, you want to have one just like it for yourself. On this particular visit when Bambi showed up at my house she had been on vacation for a week and had already purchased some goodies. This was one of them:

This gorgeous 12″ galvanized feather made me suck in my breath. Like I said – two things I love. Immediately my mind was swirling with an idea of how I could replicate the look for myself. I was fairly confident that I could do it.

How to make a faux galvanized feather

  1. Trace feather outline onto paper. and cutout.
  2. Use inexpensive lightweight flashing.
  3. Trace feather pattern onto flashing and cutout using snips or dull scissors. Use caution.
  4. This is what cutout looks like.
  5. Paint with one coat of Amy Howard A Good Man is Hard to Find. Drip water from your fingertips on top of wet paint.
  6. The same treatment was used for the mini feathers as place cards.
  7. Lay a damp paper towel lightly on top of wet paint. Carefully lift off.
  8. Let dry

Doesn’t this finish look great?  To me this looks just like a real galvanized finish. I used white chalk paint to create the feather veining.

I was able to use a hole punch and a lot of force to create a hole to add twine. All-in-all I think my feather looks very close to Bambi’s original version. It turned out so well I reduced the pattern size by 60% and created galvanized feather place cards.

You will be seeing more of this next Tuesday in my Thanksgiving tablescape.

You’ll also have access to this Grateful tag.

Aren’t these cute?

I used a chalk pen to write our names. This way the place cards can be used over and over again.

Here’s a sneak peek at my table napkins.

Love, love, love the colors!

We also love feather decor so much! Here are some items we’ve found that we’d love to see in our homes.

So, thanks Bambi for the inspiration for the faux galvanized feather and faux galvanized feather place cards! I can’t wait for you to see the entire tablescape next week.

Until tomorrow!


  1. What an awesome technique – it looks just like a galvanized feather – so cool! Glad you’re home safe and sound. I hope you guys had a great time. You’re right, everyone does seem on the Christmas decorating band wagon already! Hugs, CoCo

  2. Oh my goodness! These feathers are beautiful!!!! I love the name tags! Can’t wait to try making them! Thanks to you and Miss Bambi!

  3. Wow! Vic, again you’ve amazed me with your talent. You’ve created an almost exact replica! And those placecards are the bees knees, girl! Great, great job!

  4. Love the leaf! Great job!
    Where did you find your napkins? They go really well with the place cards!

    1. Thank you so much Brenda! Can you believe that we found those napkins last week at HomeGoods? They were on clearance for $3.00 for a pack of four!! So exciting! We get lucky sometimes. We appreciate you stopping by.

  5. I love the feather idea for the Thanksgiving table! I’ve done a faux galvanized treatment before but I’m going to borrow your idea of the metal flashing for the feathers. Thanks for the inspiration!

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