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We love an easy DIY Christmas Tree sled project.

Especially when that DIY Christmas tree sled project is also a thrifty project. This month our Thrifty Style Team has really knocked it out of the park with fabulous creativity. There are a lot of holiday inspiration projects you don’t want to miss. Be sure to check out all of the other creative blogger’s posts – you won’t be disappointed.

Sled Makeover

I couldn’t believe my luck the other day when I quickly ran into the thrift store nearest my office on my lunch break. Never in my wildest dreams would I think that a holiday sled would still be available for sale at this time of year.

Even more surprising was this great price. Although this sled snowman scene is super cute, it is a bit too country for my personal taste and style. My decor is more clean lines. I knew with a little bit of paint, I could make something cute.

Time to get creative

You know when you have a great idea, though, and are looking for the missing piece to complete it, but can’t find it? That’s what was going on with this sled. I had all the paint at home and all I needed was a cute Christmas stencil. Easy enough, right? Well no haha! Because I’m a tried and true procrastinator I didn’t have time to order one online. But I thought certainly a craft store would have one. I was mistaken. I couldn’t find a stencil anywhere!

So I got creative and used a Christmas tree I had at home and traced the outline. Then I used these little jingle bells I had in my craft closet to embellish it.

Now it’s the perfect little piece to hang on the wall to go along with the rest of my Christmas decor.

DIY Christmas tree sled makeover is complete and I love the new look. It will be perfect in the living room once I pull all of my Christmas decor out of the attic and begin decorating. I’ve started to slowly pull out items and do little things here and there.

Speaking of which, have you already started decorating your home for Christmas yet? It seems like everyone else has and I feel like I need to catch up LOL.

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  1. Cute and pinned, and I am also oogling your metal trees.

  2. Awesome find and love that tree makeover to it!!! Great job as always!!

  3. Great find and awesome transformation. It fits perfectly with your vignette of trees. Love it!

  4. Really cute makeover! I love those little sleds!

  5. Darling idea. I love the touch of metallic gold for your “new” sled.

  6. i had my hubby pull out all the holiday bins ….but they are still just sitting there. i am going to try to organize, purge and donate before I get it all decorated.

  7. Great job on this post Jenn! I can’t even believe that is the same sled girl. It’s super cute and so festive! Hugs, CoCo

  8. This is really cute. I love these sleds. I also love the little Christmas trees by the lamp!

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