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Easy Solar Water Fountain

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Create a soothing and tranquil space with this easy solar water fountain.

There is something magical in the sound of water. Whether it’s a babbling brook or ocean waves lapping the shore – the sound is soothing, calming and mesmerizing.I have been wanting a water feature for the front porch for a long while now. Let me share with you this easy solar water fountain.

Why use a solar water fountain?

My number one reason for using a solar fountain is an obvious one on the front porch. A solar fountain doesn’t require an electrical power source. The only electrical outlet is to the left of our front door. Virtually all of the porch is to the right of the front door. Not wanting to create a tripping hazard with electrical cords, the solar option is a great one for me.

The number two reason for a solar fountain is the ease in putting it together. My solar fountain was literally working within minutes.

Supplies needed for a solar water fountain

  • Solar fountain of your choice. I chose THIS one.
  • Water-tight container. Ads claim you only need one inch of consistent water.
  • Sunny location
  • Water

Choose a water tight container for the solar fountain

Luckily, I had two water tight containers to choose from. Choosing the correct container is important. The heat of summer can quickly evaporate water…much quicker that I ever imagined. Most of the solar fountains claim that they can be used in bird baths. While, I’m sure that this is true, I believe you would have to refill the birdbath several times a day.

Container ideas for a solar fountain

  • planter
  • large pottery or ceramic bowl
  • birdbath
  • galvanized tub
  • urn
  • bucket
  • whiskey barrel
  • pool
  • pond

Fill the container with water

For the solar fountain to optimally work, be sure to fill the container with water.

Add the solar fountain to the water

My solar fountain worked immediately. It creates the desired sound and ambiance that I wanted for the front porch. Honey Bee and I love to sit on our porch in the morning with our coffee.We both love the soothing, trickling sound of water.

Pros for having a solar water fountain

  • Inexpensive. The one I purchased was only $9.99.
  • Easy to put together
  • Lightweight
  • Ambient sound

Cons for having a solar water fountain

  • Needs to be in full sunshine. Reviews claimed that in shade or on cloudy days that it does not work, as it does not store solar power. This has NOT been by experience.
  • Water loss due to overspray. You may need to test a couple of the spray tips.

Overall experience

I love my solar fountain! So much so that I bought a second, more powerful fountain. The newer fountain is guaranteed to work in the shade.

Do you like the ambient sound of a water fountain?

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