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Coat Closet Makeover

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Today I am sharing a coat closet makeover.

The coat closet in my home is located directly outside of the primary bedroom. This poor closet is tiny and has been abused for awhile now. It has been crammed full of a mishmash of junk and useful items. Over time, if an item didn’t have a permanent storage space, it got shoved into this closet. A coat closet makeover was desperately needed.

It goes without saying that coats have rarely been stored in the coat closet. We are fortunate that we experience mild winter’s here in Georgia. If Honey Bee and I host friends or family during coat-wearing season, the coats are typically placed on our bed in the bedroom.

I may or may not have been hit on the head by a fallen candle from the shelf. Enough was enough! I decided to give the closet a pretty makeover that would house decorative items. Now, this needs to be a no-judgement zone. Before we get to the pretty “after” photos, I will embarrassingly share the “before” photos. They are definitely cringeworthy.

Coat closet desperate for a makeover

Everything was pulled out of the closet and dealt with immediately

Contents of the closet were donated, tossed or put back in an originally designated area. The wire rack was removed and the holes were patched.

Removable Wallpaper for the Coat Close

One day I was perusing Etsy, as I often do, and came across this beautiful wallpaper. This was the initial spark for the closet makeover.

New Closet System

Next, I knew that I needed a closet system that had shelving. I found this one at Wayfair.

I liked it because it was expandable. As you know coat closets aren’t that big. Mine is only 42″ wide, so I wanted to maximize the space. This particular closet system can be stretched from 32″ to 60″.

When the wallpaper arrived, I was very happy with the color. It was a true depiction of the online site.

Jenn kindly offered to come over and help me hang the wallpaper. This was slightly problematic as the space is so small and tight. There may have been a couple of times that we had more paper sticking on us than to the wall 🤣 All-in-all the removable wallpaper was fairly easy to hang once we found our rhythm. You can reposition it and smooth out any bubbles.

Being that this space is so small, it was hard to take photographs. Hopefully, you can see my vision.

I had a professional handyman install the closet system. This job is above my skillset and I wanted it to be done right. He did a great job of maximizing the pieces for the purpose of the new closet. I absolutely love how it turned out! All of my collected white decor pieces pop against the beautiful blue and green.

This closet has already had more use than it ever has. I am always moving things around my house and creating vignettes. Now, it’s easier and more convenient to do as a lot of my pieces are now in one place.

Have you ever given a coat closet a makeover?

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