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Wire Spool DIY Coffee Table

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Spool, spool and more spools. I wasn’t kidding when I stated last week that I had other spool projects dancing around in my head. Last week I shared with y’all how I turned a small wire spool into a plant stand table Today is all about how I dismantled this large one to create a wire spool DIY coffee table for the front porch.

Wire Spool DIY Coffee Table. Raw wood wire spool.

Thanks again to our sweet friends Scott and Darlene for procuring and delivering these fabulous spools!

The first order of business was to unbolt the upper and lower rounds from the base.

Wire Spool DIY Coffee Table. Remove bolts from wire spool table.

Way easier said than done. Thanks goodness Honey Bee was at home and took pity on me. These rusted bolts were super tight and did not want to budge free. Our team work paid off when we finally got the last bolt to spring free.

Wire Spool DIY Coffee Table - removie the bolts from the spool.

Also, we discovered a hidden surprise inside. Apparently the site crew was using this spool as a trash bin. Thank goodness there wasn’t anything ooey or gooey!

Wire Spool DIY Coffee Table. How to take a wire spool apart.

I didn’t realize that when the spool was dismantled that the wood panels at the center of the base would come apart. These beauties have been set aside for future sign projects. #winning

Jenn sanded both sides of the spool round. There were a couple of questionable words and writing on the wood. I mean – you can’t have a wire spool table with ugly phrases greeting front porch guests 🙂  Using a palm sander with 220 grit sandpaper, the writing disappeared and we had a clean slate prepped for staining.

Wire Spool DIY Coffee Table. Sand down the spool very well to prepare for stain.

That bright green spot in the center of the spool was the bane of my existence. It is spray chalk in fluorescent green. I naively thought that the chalk would easily wash away with water. That was a big ol’ wrong assumption. I had to hand sand the center…and it took forever. Note to self – don’t ever use spray chalk on anything unless you want it to be permanent.

Now, we were ready for the fun part..staining the table top. We love this Sunbleached wood stain by Varathane. It has great coverage and produces great results.

DIY Nautical Serving Tray

Next, I applied two coats of this non-yellowing top coat for extra protection for the wood.

Wire spool table plant stand. Add poly for a protective coating.

I knew I wanted a galvanized tub as my table base. No need to worry about it getting wet or rusting. The wire spool round is very heavy, so I didn’t need to bolt it to the tub. I simply laid it onto the galvanized tub.

Wire Spool DIY Coffee Table. A galanized tub is used as a secure base for the spool top.

You get a sneak peek of my new rug too!

Wire Spool DIY Coffee Table. Outdoor coffee table DIY

This is our new favorite place to lounge about.

Wire Spool DIY Coffee Table. Wire spool table on the front porch

We read here…drink coffee in the morning and wine in the evenings. Honey Bee offered me the best compliment – “I love what you’ve done out here”. Makes my heart sing!

Wire Spool DIY Coffee Table. Favorite magazines to read on the front porch.

Here’s a PSA (Personal Shopping Alert) – This root beer is super delicious. It’s from HomeGoods and only $3.99 for a four pack.

Wire Spool DIY Coffee Table. Front porch beverage.

The galvanized tub is upside down to offer wider support at the bottom and to keep it from filling up with water.

Wire Spool DIY Coffee Table. Galvanized tub is the base for the wire spool table

DIY Wire Spool Coffee Table

The front porch transformation continues – this rug, some new chairs and pretty flowers. I am trying to figure out a way to add lighting. I look forward to sharing my progress with you.

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  1. I sure like how this came out!

    Every day I pass an electrical contracting company to get to my house and they have tons of those spools just piled outside. I keep thinking I need to stop and ask if they would like to get rid of a couple of them! Thanks for this fun idea!

  2. Wow! Just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to come over and sit a spell!

  3. You guys are totally ready for patio weather! I don’t know who was out there doing all that sanding barefoot but she needs to put on some shoes #safetyfirst…on a side note that toenail polish was super cute 🙂 Love this cozy place to relax ladies, hugs, CoCo

  4. I grew up with these spools, we made one for a table. I love yours even better as a coffee table! Fabulous Job.

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