DIY Map Magnets…

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I saw this recently and thought it was a great idea and would make a perfect gift for Christmas!  I got my supplies from my local Dollar Tree & Target and probably spent about $5.00 total.

Items you will need:

  1. Map
  2. Glass Beads
  3. Rubber Cement or Modge Podge
  4. Exacto Knife
  5. Self Adhesive Magnets

And that’s it…so simple!

First you’ll want to decide which places on the map you want to use.  You could do places you’ve travelled to or where  you’d like to go.  If you’re taking someone on a trip somewhere, you could use places of where you are taking them to make the gift giving a little more fun 🙂

For this one I did places where the gift recipient has lived 🙂


I started off by cutting out the places I wanted to use and making sure they were large enough to fit the beads.

1-Cutting out the cities on the map I want to use for the map magnets

1-Maps cut into oversized circles

After I did this, I used a small brush and put rubber cement onto both the glass bead and the map to ensure that it really stuck.

1-Putting rubber cement on glass beads to adhere to map

1-Using rubber cement on the maps to ensure it sticks to the glass bead

Then I carefully laid the bead on the map, trying to get the city I want to highlight in the center.

I let this set overnight before proceeding with the next step.

1-Letting the maps & glass beads dry

After it sat out, I used an exacto knife to cut off the excess map.

1-Using the exacto knife to get the excess map off

I then used the self adhesive magnet, which made it so much easier, and attached it to the back of the map.

1-Magnets attached to back of maps

And that’s it! It was so easy and I had great gifts ready to go that were thoughtful and sentimental!

1-Map Magnets...DIY. Great gift for Christmas

These would also make great stocking stuffers 🙂


  1. Jennifer and Vicki, how CUTE are those. What a great gift idea!! Our fridge has lots of fun things that we hang on it and those would be perfect!! Great idea and tutorial too!! Lisa

    1. Thanks so much Lisa! They are easy and fun to make! It’s fun to personalize the city to the recipient!

  2. What a great idea! Thinking to make a set of these with fave travel sites as a set in a tin box. Christmas gifty done! Y’all are soooo stinkin’ clever 🙂 Bwg ~~~

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