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Decorating with Copper Molds – Thrifty Style Team

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Unique ways of decorating with copper molds.

If you haven’t noticed, copper is a red-hot trend in home decor. Actually it has been for a few years now, as much as so called experts thought that it “wouldn’t last”. Personally, I love it. Decorating with copper is warm, pretty and has a gorgeous hue. Each month our Thrifty Style Team shares how we use our thrifted finds in our own homes. I was thrilled when I found these large vintage copper molds.

Even more exciting is that each mold was discounted and on sale for just $2.oo each. Aren’t they beautiful?

Copper Love

The copper hue for each mold varies just a little bit. For the mold that is shaped like a flower I did a simple succulent planting.

Succulents are one of my favorite things to plant in unusual planters. I’ve done arrangements in vintage silver sugar bowls and a tea canister.

Being that our weather is unseasonably warm, my hydrangeas have started to bloom again. The copper mold with the high fluted edge made for a perfect vase.

Last year I found these great copper mugs while treasure hunting and used them to make spiced candles.

The shape of this copper mold is my favorite. What would you call it? Snowflake? Anyway, I just added wine corks, votives and a vanilla scented candle.

The warm glow of light at night is amazingly rosey and beautiful!

Decorating with copper can be very expensive. I’m so lucky to have found all three of these molds for just $6.00 in my thrifting excursion.

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  1. Love, love, love copper molds like these! They always remind me of home so I totally appreciate the way you’ve given them a new purpose. Your ideas are all fabulous! Hugs, CoCo

  2. So clever! Every time I weed out I think about getting rid of my 40 year old copper molds. For some reason I can’t seem to part with them even though I very rarely use them. Now I know why! I LOVE the way you find alternate uses for things. Great job! Bambi

  3. I have a small collection of copper mold also – I love the color and sparkle of copper. I have some old copper pieces – planter, pitcher, and a small scuttle bucket, plus the jello molds. I am so glad to see your ideas for planting succulents, holding candles, etc. as ways to use them. I intend to put some of your ideas to good use! Then I can appreciate the copper more often.

  4. So pretty, I love the fluted copper! It’s perfect for fall!

  5. I picked up some copper molds at a garage sale a few years ago that hang on an outdoor kids mud-pie bench. I also happen to have a box of dried hydrangeas from a wedding last week. Do you think I should marry the two?

  6. I love the patina (if that’s what you call it) of those old copper molds. It’s a warm, welcoming color 🙂 Thanks for all the ideas how I can use them in my house!

  7. Love the look of copper and it’s perfect for fall decorating. Great idea to use the molds as a vase and planter.

  8. Well we’re just having our own copper party today aren’t we?! 😉 I absolutely love how you’ve decorated with the copper molds and the extra shine they add. Now I’m wanting to go find some more pieces for my house!

  9. What a bargain! They are so stunning! I love the different displays here ladies!

  10. I love your copper molds and how beautifully you’ve decorated with them! You always have such a wonderful sense of style!

  11. You have to BEE kidding me. These copper molds are so gorgeous!!! Let me tell you, too…your photography is AMAZING. You inspire me and I am so happy to be working with you guys XO

  12. I love how you used these. They are beautiful and so unique. Great repurpose.

  13. Such great ideas for reusing the copper molds! I will be on the lookout for some!

  14. I love copper….and I deal. the problem is, I never find deals like that. love all the ways to reuse the copper molds.

  15. Beautiful! Did you make your feather pillow from a Target placemat? I have one just like yours, and its a placemat from Target that I stuffed!

    1. Hey Lauren – Yes! you have a keen eye. Wasn’t that the easiest DIY project, ever? Love target and that feather pillow!

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