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Decorating Your Home With Thrifted Finds – Thrifty Style Team

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Decorating your home with thrifted finds is a great way to express your personality and save money.

We love shopping at thrift stores – you just never know what treasures you might find. Wether it be a piece of furniture that needs a coat of paint or a valuable piece of ironstone or an antique. Some people might turn their noses up at thrift store shopping. Decorating your home with thrifted finds can be even harder for others imagine. My very own mother was one of those people.

Our goal is to share with people that thrifting gives you great value and you can showcase your decorating personality. My mom changed her way of thinking when she witnessed how I used thrift store purchases in my home decor. She truly couldn’t believe the transformation of a ratty and worn piece of furniture – after just a bit of paint and TLC it was a raving beauty.

As always, we want to give you encouragement to visit thrift stores, charity shops or yard sales for hidden gems and diamonds in the rough. Following are just a few of our favorite thrift store or yard sale favorite purchases that we decorate our homes with.

Antique Mantel as Headboard 

Fireplace mantel headboard has gorgeous details

beautiful details on fireplace mantel headboard

Dining Room Sideboard

Painted Sideboard Buffet for the Dining Room. White painted furniture. Amy Howard One Step Bauhaus Buff. White dining room buffet. Vintage furniture Thrifted furniture. Furniture makeover. Thrifted furniture makeover.

Entry Table Decor

BeeHive Sign

Chalk Painted Bookcase

Succulents in Vintage Silver Sugar BowlsSucculents in Vintage Silver Sugar Bowls

Painted Vanity Bench

Farmhouse Tiered Bowl

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Decorate Your Home with Thrifted Finds

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  1. Beautiful job ladies, each of your projects is so well done! That mantel turned headboard is just stunning!

  2. Huge fan and this just goes to show why! Love love love what you ladies do!!

  3. You guys have so many amazing finds and projects and I especially LOVE that mantel headboard! So gorgeous!

  4. These are all such great ideas ladies! I still can’t get over that mantel. Oh my word it is next level fabulous! Hugs, CoCo

  5. Oh my!
    Just visiting here, makes me want to head out junkin’.
    You gave so many incredible pieces.

  6. Jenn and vicki- you do thrifted finds so well. thanks for sharing all of this beautiful inspiration.

  7. Oh my god! Jenn and Vicki you are rocking. Thank you for sharing those great ideas. We are going to apply some of them. You have the most amazing projects around the web.

    Fabulous! Keep doing great work. (y) ~Cathy

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