How to Clean Tarnished Silver

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How to Clean Tarnished Silver

I love silver platters!  There is just so much you can do with them to decorate a space and I just overall love the look of them.  So when I spotted this awesome silver platter by F.B. Rogers at Goodwill for $5, I knew I had to scoop it up.  What a deal!  I also knew it just needed a little TLC, but I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to bring it back to its former glory. Recently, I have had an obsession with baking soda so I figured this could do just the trick on how to clean the tarnished silver (if you missed last week’s post about how I cleaned my stove, click here.) I would not use this meth on fine silver.

How to clean your silver platter using baking soda 1 How to clean your silver platter using baking soda

I made my own paste essentially, that consisted of baking soda and water.  I used about 1/2 a cup of baking soda and 2 tbsp of water.  You don’t want it too liquidy, but you also don’t want it too thick.  I poured this mixture onto the platter and then let it sit for about 10 minutes.  Please note that baking soda could scratch your silver, so be gentle when cleaning 🙂

How to clean your silver platter using baking soda

I then took a damp wash cloth and started gently rubbing the platter to polish it up.  Afterwards I rinsed it to make sure I got the paste off.  Afterwards I buffed it dry with a lint free cloth. I was so thrilled with how it turned out and it was so easy to do!

How to clean your silver platter using baking soda

How to clean your silver platter using baking soda 1

How to clean your silver platter using baking soda 2

From now on I will never pass up these tarnished trays again. Look at how gorgeous this tray shined up. Who knew that just soaking in baking soda and water was the answer to how to clean tarnished silver?

You just never know what kind of treasures you can find and what a little TLC can do 🙂

XO – Jenn


  1. Great tip Jenn! I must say my entire kitchen smelled amazing after cleaning my stovetop 2 Bees style yesterday. I May gave to start buying baking soda in bulk now!

  2. Jennifer, wow, that is an awesome and easy way to clean silver. I need to try it and the stove top technique too. Love it. Have a great day, Lisa

    1. Too funny, I found this exact tray by a dumpster in cuba. I grabbed it because I was fairly sure it was tarnished silver

      So when I looked up ho to clean tarnished silver and saw the exact tray that I have

  3. I love this method of cleaning my silver pieces and have been doing it for quite some time. so much easier then taking a cloth and silver cleaner.

  4. WOW! What an easy and inexpensive way to clean silver! I just revived a beautiful bangle that was unrecognizable before! Thanks so much for helping me give it new life! I’ll continue to use this method, and share with others.

  5. Such a great tip! There are a few “slightly” tarnished trays in cabinet ~ actually, a lot tarnished, because I hate cleaning them! This will be easier and I can use them again 🙂 Bwg ~~~

  6. What a simple easy idea! Beats the way the “silver polish” leaves my poor cold weather hands. Hoping it works on some Tabetan cuffs I have. Linda

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